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Haircuts and Pictures

Happy Happy Thursday!!!  This girl is super happy today because yesterday we got a new internet provider!  Yay yoo yippee!!!  No more frustration with not being able to get on the WWW!  I feel light as a feather about it!

This morning I gave Aiden his back to school haircut.  He was pretty darn shaggy, he missed his haircut last month so there was 2 months of growth on there! And that kid’s hair grows fast so you can imagine how woolly he was!  We could also see the first day of school on the 7 day weather forecast this morning, which means we’re under a week away from the first day.  Wow, so sad that summer is over.  But these fall-like temps we’ve been having have been making me ache for Fall, so at least there’s that to look forward to.That and boots!

Our county has a really nice man-made lake and campground in it, about 10 minutes from our house.  They have been trying to secure funding to complete a paved trail project.  Andy is partly in charge of this and needed some action shots of the lake and campground and of families using the area for a pamphlet he’s putting together to send in to try to get some funding.  So we loaded up the boys’ bikes the other night and went over there to take some pics.  Andy was the photographer because I was in the truck with a headache not feeling good. 


You can see in the top right-hand corner of the top picture how the trees are starting to change colors here.  Isn’t that lake picture pretty?  The boys had fun playing at the playground.  It was such a pretty evening.

And speaking of Andy’s photography skills, he is my official maternity photographer.  He does a good job, don’t you think?


DANG!!!  Are my boobs big or what!?!  Yowza!  Ha ha!  Hormones, gotta love ‘em!

One last thing.  Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals posted an amazing post last week about starting up a blog, how to build your blog and some basic blog etiquette.  It was a great read and I think every blogger could get some good tips and ideas from it, no matter how long they’ve been blogging.  HERE is the link. 

Time to get moving, might be canning tomato juice this afternoon so need to get the kitchen good and clean.  Talk soon!



  1. That parks looks gorgeous!! I hope the funding comes through!
    And aren't you so beautiful! You're glowing, I love the skirt!! Big boobs, yes! But no tummy at all yet! You look awesome!

  2. Holy Boobs! I am so jealous. I never had big boobs when I was pregnant. They maybe went from a barely A cup to a B cup. lol!

    And I love the pictures! I am so ready for fall. I am over summer!!!

  3. Boobies! You look so pretty and you're absolutely glowing! I love that skirt!

  4. You are seriously the cutest! And I love your outfit. Andy is definitely a great photographer!

  5. aww you LOOK SO CUTE! I hope you keep up to date weekly so we can all watch you grow! super cute maxi btw!

    P.s. ended up going to the fair on monday and ate my LIFE away I wont scare you of the list that i ate but it was not pretty haha

  6. Your lake area reminds me a lot of one similar in my hometown. Gorgeous pics! I hope you get the necessary funding for a paved path!! Our lake has one and I run it a lot when I'm home.

    Look at that little bump. LOVE IT!!

  7. HOly crap McBOOBS!!!! You look cute! Love the outfit. Love the baby bump.

  8. You look beautiful and you have a glow! Great pictures :)

  9. What a beautiful park!! Your boys are lucky to have such a pretty place to play =) ... Girl you are so pretty!! You really look amazing, pregnancy looks good on you =) ha!

  10. Love the pictures your husband took at the park. What a pretty place!!! Thanks for your help with my blog issue. I am hoping it's fixed now.

  11. aww the boys look like they had a blast! And I love that outfit girl!! AMAZING!

  12. What cuties!! I had to bribe my youngest with cookies for him to let me cut his hair!!

  13. BOOBIESSSSSS!!!! You are adorable. I am already dreading andrews hair cut he is not a fan, i told jeremy maybe he can go about 2 more weeks LOL