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Oh Monday, You’ve Come Again

Monday again.  Most Monday’s I don’t feel too bad about the beginning of a new week, but for some reason this Monday doesn’t feel so good.  No main reason, just the thought of doing all of my Monday chores seems daunting and less fun than other Mondays.

As for the rest of the weekend, it was fine.  Pretty laid back.  My folks and sister’s family came over last night for supper and hair cuts and colors.  We had a great meal – pork burgers with tomatoes and onions from my garden, baked beans, green bean casserole (because Preggo was craving them), tomato salad (still need to share that recipe, don’t I?), grape tomatoes from my garden, and blackberry cobbler.  So yummy!  I had two servings of the green bean casserole and tomato salad!  Then I felt miserable afterwards (pregnancy problems).  After supper the kids went back outside to run around like crazy (so fun watching them do the things I used to do with my cousins, like hide and go seek!), my mom and sister sat and went through some genealogy books of my mom’s side of the family that I have for a bit and I sat in the living room with my dad, brother in law and Andy watching the NFL Hall of Fame game!  Aww, football!  So exciting!  In case you were wondering, the first Hawkeye football game is in ONLY 25 days!!!  Woot woot!  (Or as my sister’s MIL says, “Hoot hoot!”  Ha ha!!! She’s so funny!)
We spent a ton of time outside playing with the boys this weekend, too.  Golf and football.  Aiden’s a pretty good golfer!  We need to get him out on the links sometime soon to see how he really does. 
What’s on for this week?  My 12 week baby appointment and ultrasound are tomorrow.  I’m scared to death about the US, have been praying non-stop.  Please please PLEASE let everything be okay!  Thursday night my friend who sells Scentsy is having an open house to celebrate her 3rd anniversary, so I’ll for sure be going and stocking up on bars!  Friday we are going to the Iowa State Fair (“Our state fair is a GREAT state fair, don’t miss it! Don’t even be late!!”  Name that musical!).  And Saturday, to round out the week, I am volunteering at our church’s gift shop for the morning with mass later that night.  It will be our last mass in our church as it is now. They are remodeling it, hoping to be finished up by the start of Advent (December).  So that’s my week in a nut shell.
Hope you are all doing well and have a wonderful week!  Talk soon!


  1. Saying so many prayers for you and lil bebe!! How dud I not know you are Catholic??

  2. I love state fairs! Our grocery stores sell discounted tickets to our state fair thats in a few weeks. I need to go buy some! :) I'm sorry your winery party was weird. People are weird. Praying, praying, praying for you and your ultrasound tomorrow!

  3. I just told Jason you were going to the state fair cause he just watched a show about all the amazing food they have at the Iowa and Texas state fairs and he said we need to go! I told him sure, lets go to IOWA!!! I told him you live there and now we need to go!
    Good luck with the US appt tomorrow!! I'm thinking of you, and can't wait to hear how it went! Hugs!! xoxo

    Oh, and I hope the wedding isn't uncomfortable. Sorry your plans for them didn't workout!!

  4. I need to stock up on some bars too. I just found my warmer in the middle of packing!

  5. I will be thinking of you tomorrow. :)

  6. Praying for you today!!
    I miss the IA State Fair so much. Please take a million and one photos and post them. :)
    And, only 25 days till Iowa STATE football kicks off. :)