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14 Weeks = 2nd Trimester!

Well, I’ve arrived!  I’m officially in my 2nd trimester.  Wow, can’t believe that.  I know the first tri goes fast because you don’t know you’re pregnant for part of it but it really feels like my first flew by.

As you may know, they call this trimester the ‘Honeymoon period’.  This is the one you feel the best in.  More energy, a better appetite, just overall feeling better and more like yourself.  Aside from the lack of energy, my first trimester was smooth sailing so I don’t feel like this trimester will feel that much different from the last one, aside from the ever growing belly. 

Speaking of the belly, it still looks like I just ate too much in the mornings.  But by evening it looks HUGE and round and very baby-like!  Last night I made Andy rub the belly, he was surprised at how tight it was already.  But I went to bed last night and woke up this morning just looking bloated again.  Kind of funny how it does that.  I like it though. 

So I am 14 weeks 1 day, which means in 2-4 weeks I’ll probably be able to feel my first kicks!  Wow, I can’t believe that in possibly 2 weeks I could be feeling this little lumpkin move!  It’s such an amazing feeling!  But can you believe in 2 weeks I’ll be 16 weeks?  For some reason 16 weeks always feels like a big number for pregnancy.  I’ll have a regular check up that week, then 4 weeks later I’ll be at my half-way point and having another ultrasound.  Seriously, this pregnancy is going so dang fast!  I know, I know, talk to me at week 30 and I might be singing a different tune.  But as far as picking a time of year to be pregnant in, this is definitely it. The cooler weather, sure, but it’s more about the hustle and bustle of fall and winter that makes it go so fast!  We are extremely busy starting in August and going right through December.  January is a slow month but February starts the 5 months of non-stop birthdays and year-end school stuff, which is another fast time of the year.  So really, this pregnancy will go fast and I’ll be holding this baby in my arms in no time!

Another way to look at this, though, is that I still have 6 months until I meet the little tiddler.  That seems like a long time, of which I’ll be enjoying every moment!

Happy Monday!



  1. I'm glad to hear that things have been smooth sailing! Why do baby bumps change throughout the day, out of curiosity?

  2. Everything sounds great! You can almost see your excitement jumping off of the page =) Just enjoy every minute of it - I know with both of my boys I wanted to meet them so badly, I didn't take time to sit back and just enjoy being pregnant. Can't wait until that 20 week marks comes and you find out if it is a boy or girl!!

  3. Woo hoo!!! I am seriously so excited for your family!

  4. I have not been by your blog in a LONG time. I have been MIA in the blogging community!
    I want to say YAY congrats!!! i am glad to hear things are going well for you,so happy for you

  5. It really does seem to be going by SO fast, just reading along! I can't wait to know what it is! And see pictures! And wish I could cuddle it! Lol!

  6. YAY!!! SOOO glad things are going good for you!

  7. I love your positive outlook. Pregnancy is wonderful and truly a blessing. Yay for 2nd trimester!!!

  8. Being pregnant in the fall and winter months was seriously great. Though I was always warm I was never HOT.
    Enjoy the "honeymoon" phase!!