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And We’re Off!

Aiden’s first day of school went great!  He said he likes his teacher, had a good lunch and he had fun playing at recess. I  made him his breakfast of choice, Egg In a Hole.  Sounds like a good day to me!


Gosh that boy is getting so big!!!  Where has my little pumpkin pie gone?  Well, he’s still my little pumpkin pie, always will be.  He was in such a rush to get in the car and get to school this morning that I didn’t get to give him a hug.  I felt awful about it all day.  I kept thinking of that school shooting this week.  So when we got home that poor kid was squeezed and hugged and held onto for a long time!  He loves me so he takes it. [smiley face]

With Aiden gone I had my love bug Brennan back.  He was super cuddly and loving, like he is when Aiden’s not around.  He was also a tad naughty and sat in timeout two times in 30 minutes!  I don’t know what’s happened to this kid but he sure does have an attitude!  Andy says he knows where he got it, then wiggles his eyes at me.  Uh huh, whatever.  I know I’m sassy but I can’t be totally blamed for this, can I? LOL!

Did anyone see the Blue Moon 2 nights ago?  A Blue Moon happens once every 3 years or so.  It’s when you have more than 3 full moons in one Summer season, OR 2 in one month.  Either counts.  I took some pics last night but they didn’t turn out so great.  I needed a zoomier zoom lens.


I love weather and weather-type things.  I think I used to be a meteorologist in another life.

I canned 17 pint of green beans last night.  I have probably about that much more out in the garden.  I gave up picking in the morning when my mop bucket was overflowing.  I was out there by myself, my back and legs were hurting so I said the heck with it.  I’ll go out again today before it gets too hot. Then I’ll wait for Andy to get home from work to help me snap them again.  It’s a lot of work when you’re doing it by yourself.  I get bored.

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday! Tonight we are doing our Fantasy Football draft.  Well, Andy is going and doing it for both of us because I have to take Aiden to football practice again.  No fair!  I have what Andy is calling a weird strategy, we’ll see how it pans out.  This is my first year to participate so I don’t know a ton about strategies so I’m just going with what feels good. Ha!  Watch me either finish dead last or winning the whole thing. 

Talk soon, friends!



  1. Awww he is so big! 2nd grade was my fave year in elementary! I totally understand the attitude/timeout thing Hunter goes there about 3 times a day lately!

  2. I love egg in a hole for breakfast! So delicious. That is a lot of green beans! Are you saving them all or do you give some away to your friends?

  3. He is so good looking! I'm sad I missed the blue moon. :(

  4. YAYA! I hope Aiden has a great day. I want that breakfast. It looks YUM!

  5. I've never had eggs in a hole! How is this possible?
    Gah, I am so jealous over all your fresh veggies, and how much you have canned!!

  6. I love egg in the hole! I wish my boys would eat it. You are a cannin' fool!! ha ha Hopefully I will be one next year!! - I hope you win the whole thing, I love when it works out that way! =) Good luck!

  7. Aiden is such a cutie! Glad you got to snuggle him yesterday!
    Wow, that's a ton of beans!! You'll have them forever! Lol!
    I saw the moon, but didn't know it was called a blue moon! Learn something new everyday!!
    And good luck on the fantasy football!!

  8. OMG. Egg in the hole! I have only had that at Cracker Barrel. I think I am going to have to make that this weekend.

    and seriously, I want a garden. I am so jealous of all your fresh fruits and veggies!!

  9. Egg in the hole...yummy! You can mail me some green beans?? lol

    That blue moon is so cool!