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TGIF -- Thank Goodness Its Friday.  Although I love a Friday as much as the next guy, what I really mean by TGIF is ABC's TGIF they used to do 'back in the day'.  They had shows like 'Step By Step' with Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Summers, 'Dinosaurs' starring the fictional Sinclair family, 'Sister, Sister' with Tia and Tamara Mowry, and (my favorite) 'Boy Meets World' with Ben Savage (did you love Tapanga's hair as much as I did???)  They were good, wholesome shows kids, pre-teens and teenagers could watch.  My folks went on a date every Friday night so my sister and I were left home to fend for ourselves when we were old enough.  Insert TGIF. 

Looks like the snow has stopped.  I just got back from picking up Aiden from school, they let out 2 hours early today because we were getting nailed with snow.  And now, 10 minutes after getting home, it stops.  Go figure.  It's pretty wet because the air temps are above freezing so it seems to be melting off the streets and sidewalks.  I can see it drip, drip, dripping off a tree outside my window.  It won't last long.

Weight loss update:  I weighed myself this morning and lost 1.5 lbs!!!  I am so excited.  After a frustrating week working out it was nice to see that little reward. 

OMG!!!  I was just flipping through the channels and guess what show I found on MTV2??? BOY MEETS WORLD!!!!  How crazy is that?  Guess I know what I'll be watching this afternoon! :)

Have a fabulous weekend!  We're having Brennie's bday party with Andy's folks tomorrow and I'm making an amazing cake for him, pics to follow on Monday!!!


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