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Growing Like Weeds

Had a great weekend!  The weather was really nice (60's, sunny, but windy) so I was able to go out and clean out a few flower beds.  I tried doing one along our fence but with every pull of the rake a gust of wind would blow all those leaves right back in, so I said the heck with it and gave up.  The forecast is calling for 70's all week so no fear, I'll be back at it!  I think I'll go get a truck load of mulch while I'm at it.  It is so much easier to lay mulch when there aren't tender young plants popping up.

Speaking of things growing, our baby boy Bren is growing!  He turned 3 last week and all of a sudden his 3T jeans are too tight in his tummy.  The length is still ok but I feel like I'm torturing him every time I snap him in.  So I got the tub of 4T clothes out last night and switched him all out.  Kind of bad timing, if he could have waited 6 more weeks til I get the summer clothes out, but what are you going to do?  Not make the sweet little muffin suffer!  I love switching out their clothes, tho, so it wasn't a hardship in the least.  Especially when it's all of Aiden's hand-me-downs.  I love reminiscing about him wearing the same clothes.  So the tank tops and shorts are in his closet for now, but I put the 4T long and short sleeved shirts and pants in his dresser.  My baby boy is growing up (and out!). 

We had his joint birthday party with his cousin, my sister's little girl, who is 10 days younger than Bren, yesterday.  NJ was so excited about all the presents, she couldn't stop telling us who each gift was for. :)  She's a crazy little gal with a fun, feisty little personality.  Here's a pic of them together.  Crazy kids! Mwah!

Have a good one!

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