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Splinter Troubles

Last night Aiden was helping unload the mulch from the truck and he got a splinter.  You'd have thought he got his finger chopped off.  The entire town and half of the county had to hear him screaming.  I know, they hurt.  But!

So after supper Andy decided it was time to 'dig' the splinter out.  Holy moley.  He screamed.  He grunted.  He growled.  He made some weird noise that sounded like an old car starting.  It was the craziest thing I've ever seen. 

Andy dug and dug with a needle, then I tried to extract it with some tweezers.  Then Andy dug and dug some more.  After about 10 minutes of digging and hollering I grabbed the tweezers, tucked Aiden's arm under my arm, turned my back to him so he couldn't see and I pulled that darn thing out.  Immediately he stopped bellering...that is until he went to wash him hands.  Then it started hurting again.  We stuck a band aid on and he didn't mention it the rest of the night.  What an ordeal!  Sorry to all the town folk here who had to listen to that!

Enjoy the nice weather, looks like it's going to stick around these parts for at least the next 7 days!

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