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Jillian Shred Update:  Level 2 is kicking my butt, but I actually like it!  After I get through a tough circuit I always say in my head "I made it!!"  It helps launch me into the next circuit.  I can feel a difference in my muscles, particularly my abs, arms and thighs, but don't see a difference in the mirror, which is extremely frustrating for me.  The scale isn't moving at all, in fact it's back to where I started, so I think that pound and half was a weird fluke.  So I'm frustrated but trudging along and hoping that at the end of this 30 day video I do see a difference when I look in the mirror.  Today was my day 15.

Things my boys say or have said:  Brennan calls the Easter Bunny the Bunny Easter.  I can't get him straightened out on that one.  Aiden used to call Lightning Bugs 'Firetruck Bugs'.  So cute!  When Aiden wanted to tell me he loved me he when he was little he'd tell me he missed me (story behind this, when I would pick him up from the sitters I'd say "I missed you, missed you, missed you, MISSED you!", thus him thinking this was how you said you loved someone. Awww.).  When Brennie wants to tell me he loves me he says he wants me, "Mommy, I want you."  Again, awww.  I love how kids come up with their own ways of saying things.

My day in a nutshell:  Cleaning!  Does anyone else feel like they spin their wheels when they clean and pick up?  Honestly, except for an hour when I exercised and showered, I did nothing but walk around here cleaning and picking up, and it's still a pit.  Well, not a pit, but there are still things sitting on the counter, things sitting on the lamp tables, a laundry basket overflowing with the clean laundry I did this morning... sigh.  I never feel like I am getting ahead around here.  I wonder when I'm going to get any spring cleaning done when I can't keep up with the regular housework.  Seriously, I'm a stay at home, I'm here all day and can't get this house whipped into shape??  I don't get it.  (Side note, remember that baby in the sandbox on the movie "Look Who's Talking" that kept saying "I don't get it?" in a deep voice?  That cracked me up and I can't say 'I don't get it' without thinking of that and laughing.  It's the little things.)

One last thing:  Can you please tell your friends and family about my blog (if you like it and think it's worth sharing).  I'd love to get some followers and comments.  I feel like I'm all alone out here in cyber world. 

Have a great day!

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