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No Blast Monkey?? How Dare I?

Ugh, what a morning!  Actually, it was a 30 minute period but it felt like an entire morning.  That little Brenner Bug is so darn feisty!  Here's what happened:  I started cutting his fingernails and he freaked out.  He didn't want them cut.  I told him his finger was going to get cut if he didn't sit still but he kept on wiggling and yelling and crying.  I managed to get through all of his fingers then headed for his toes.  This just made him madder.  We were planning on meeting Daddy for lunch so I told him if he didn't sit still I wasn't going to let him play Blast Monkeys on my phone (something he does while waiting for the food.  It keeps him quiet and entertained, so sue me.).  Guess what, he didn't sit still so I told him fine, no Monkeys.  Oh boy, did that set him off!  I finished the last toe, he got down off my lap and ran to the other room to throw himself on the floor and scream.  Literally 10 minutes later I asked him (hollering over his cries) if he wanted to come sit on my lap.  He comes moping in, crying, and climbs on my lap and tells me he wants to play Monkeys.  I told him I understood that (trying to be diplomatic and understanding) but he made the choice to continue to cry and wiggle so he made the choice to not play Monkeys.  This set him off all over again.  5 minutes later we make our way to the car, still crying, and he continues to cry for another 5 minutes on our way to meet Daddy for lunch.  Finally the boy falls asleep.  When I wake him up to get him out of the car, what is the first thing he says?  "I want to play Monkeys!"  Oi.   

Some days I try being very calm and ignoring the tantrums, other days he gets sent to his room for timeout.  I don't know if either method works on dear Brennan.  I have found that a chart is the best way to curb bad behavior with Aiden, with a reward at the end.  I don't think Brennan will understand that concept yet, though, so what to do?  Any ideas?

Erin a.k.a. Mean Mommy

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