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Dear Grandma,

Somehow I got sucked in to watching The Real Housewives of Orange County.  During the afternoons they play back to back to back episodes.  I cannot believe people actually live the way these woman do.  It's unreal!  Not reality.  You can tell some of this is staged, some of this is acting and some of this is just plain not how it really happens.  But, it's entertaining and I'm watching it.  I've never seen so much drama, and I worked in a salon full of women!

It's a dreary day, hope the sun comes out tomorrow.  It's supposed to be colder this week (normal temps for once this winter).  I'm ready for spring, I'm really excited to get out in my flower beds.  They need to be dug up and re-worked because the previous homeowners didn't tend to them.  It's going to be a big job so I want to get started on it. 

Better get moving, talk soon!

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