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Birthday Prep

I finished up Brennan's birthday invitations yesterday and stuck 'em in the mail today.  They turned out so cute!  I'm going with a farm theme because he loves spending time on Papa and Mama's farm and he loves playing with his animals, barn and tractors.  I found a link on Pinterest (if you haven't joined Pinterest yet you need to ASAP) to make a barn shaped cake and chick, pig and sheep cupcakes to go with it.  It gave me the inspiration to make a 3D barn to sit on top of a cake where I can stick some of his barnyard animals and tractor on.  His party is 2 weeks away so you'll have to wait til then to see my creation.  But the original cake my sister and I are going to split doing for Bren and my niece's joint party.  She's taking the cupcake animals and I'm doing the barn cake.  Can't wait to do them!

Here are his invitations.

Ok, seriously, I can't figure out a.) why it's sideways, and b.) how to rotate it on here!  Sorry!
I wrote the 'song' on the back, was inspired by this website.  This is also where I got the barn image.  And here's the link for the barn cake.

Have a great day!

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