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Super Bowl Sunday Plans

Dear Grandma,

The Super Bowl is this Sunday.  I remember when it was so important to either go to or have a party to watch the big game, this year we're staying home with just the boys and can't wait for the quiet evening.  I'm going to make some buffalo wings (saw a super easy recipe on The Food Network's Pioneer Woman show, also on her website, a hot cheese dip, popcorn, and some kind of bar for a sweet treat.  I love the food you eat at parties so we're going to do our own thing, make our favorites and veg out in front of our tv.  It's going to be so relaxing and won't rile the boys up so their exhausted on Monday, just in time to head to school. 

I saw a preview of some of the commercials on the Today show this morning, looks like there are going to be some fun ones.  I've been so disappointed these past few years in the commercials, hopefully they'll have some good ones Sunday.

What are your plans for the big game?  What are you favorite snacks to share at parties?


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