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Good Old Movies

A couple of weekends ago the movie 'Swiss Family Robinson' was on TV. 

 As a kid I loved that movie!  So I was so excited to be able to share it with Aiden.  He really liked it, although it got a little long in some spots for him.  Unfortunately we had somewhere to be so we only got to watch about half of it.  So I added it and 'The Parent Trap' with Haley Mills onto our Netflix queue and we've watched them both over the last week. 

I love, love, LOVE good, wholesome movies like these.  So good. 

Netflix has actually been a lot of fun for me, I've been able to watch a bunch of 'old' movies that I loved as a kid, such as 'Pillow Talk' with Doris Day and Rock Hudson (he's so dreamy!). 

And the added bonus is that Andy watched them all with me and liked them, too.  I'm glad we have access to these oldies but goodies.

Have a great weekend!

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