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Freedom And Failure

Dear Grandma,

I'M FREE!!!  I finished my project at the bank yesterday at about 1:00.  When I walked out the door to get in my car I felt like running just in case they came out after me to ask me to stay a little longer!  So I hoped in my car and zoomed WalMart of all places.  But it felt so good to walk around there, by myself, with no time limits.  Then I went to my sister's to pick up Bren and since he was asleep sat there and chatted with her for over an hour.  That felt so good too.  So, freedom is wonderful!

I FAILED!!!  Remember on Monday when I said I was giving up pop?? Weeelllll....we went out for supper Monday night to Pizza Hut, and they took forever to come take our drink order.  So after waiting for over 5 minutes we got up and left.  I was mad, so when we did to get a restaurant that had a waitress who was on the ball I ordered a Mt Dew.  Then yesterday, when checking out at WalMart I saw the cooler full of delicious Mt Dew and bought one in celebration.  Then today, my first day of freedom, we went to meet Andy for lunch and I ordered another Mt Dew.  Ugh, I have no willpower.  Part of it is habit (we always pick one up when checking out at WalMart and I always order one with my pizza at today's restaurant), part of it is water is so boring!!!  I know, I know, what about wanting to just feel better?  I still do.  I hope with time it'll come. 

I'm off to enjoy my freedom,

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