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Jewelry, Concerts and Beds

Good FRIDAY morning!  I am feel extra spunky today so watch out!  Who knows what craziness will fly from my fingers onto this blog today! LOL!

Last night I went to my good friend Jenny’s house for her Lia Sophia party.  I had fun fun FUN!  She had awesome food (have you heard of a Reuben dip?  She found it on Pinterest and holy heck did it taste JUST.LIKE.A.REUBEN! So yummy! Look it up and make it at your next par-tay!), wine, and the consultant kicked butt (i.e. she was lots of fun).  I won the booby door prize because my birthday was closest to the party date (I never win ANYTHING so was super stoked!), so I received a $5 discount on my order.  And here’s what I ordered. 

Aren’t they fun?  They are super light weight and I can wear them with almost anything.  Ree Drummond has a pair very similar and I just LOVE hers and have been jonesing to get myself a pair.  Thanks, Jenny, for hosting, it was a great night  It brought the ‘me’ out of me!  Which explains me being so crazy today!

OMG, so guess which concert I am going to in May!!!  Any guesses?? Come on, don’t be shy, throw the suggestions out there. I’ll wait.


Ok, you’re all wrong!  I am going to see WILSON PHILLIPS in concert!!! Ha ha ha, so not who you expected, right? 

But I am so totally excited I am almost peeing my pants!  I’m going with awesome girls, we’re making a night of it AND its been so long since I’ve been to a concert that I’m giddy with anticipation!  So, what do you wear to a Wilson Phillips concert?  I’m going to bust my album out and listen to it all day!  Oh wait, it’s a cassette tape, not a CD. Shoot, now what to do? YOU TUBE!!!

So I’ve mentioned to some of you before how I don’t tell friends about my blog because it makes me nervous about what they’ll think and I feel like I’d censor myself more and not be myself.  Well, last night a friend who has recently started reading my blog gave me the best compliment about it.  She told me it sounded just like me, like she was standing there talking to me when reading it.  I just couldn’t believe it, it made me feel so good!  And she said she liked it, so that was great to hear, too.  But, it gave me a little bit of courage to share my blog so I think I’m going to branch out, just a little, and share my blog with my closest friends.  Yikes!  BUT!  That means I will NEVER share my weight on here so unfortunately for the rest of you who are dying to know just how overweight I am, sorry I’m not sorry. *insert smiley face*

One more thing.  My dear, sweet, cute, adorable friend Kadi from Sheer Serendipity and I are going to co-host a VLOG link up on Thursday, March 28th.  It’ll be a q & a type link up – we ask the q’s, you answer them!  I’m so excited and we are planning some crazy little q’s for you to answer so be sure to link up with us on the 28th (also Kadi’s BIRTHDAY!!!).  You won’t want to miss it!

Ok, I lied.  I said ‘one more thing’ but I have ONE MORE THING to share.  You all need to go check out my CANADIAN friend (Eh!) Jodi from Love and Crayons.  Some days I think to myself “I should just go on up there to CANADA and put her in my pocket so I can take her out and play with her whenever I want.”  And not in a weird way. What I’m saying is, I really adore Jodi and I think you will too.  I am always so surprised at the friendships I have made through blogging and Jodi is definitely one I call my friend.  AND, how crazy is it that I have a friend from Canada?? I’ve been a bit in love with C for years, since I read Anne of Green Gables as a kid, so to have a friend from there? Amazing!

Oh shoot!  I almost forgot to share pics of the boys in their new beds!!!  Brennan just loves his!  He was so excited that I could lay in bed with him now!  Here they are.


Both comforters I bought at Target, although Aiden’s had his for a few years now so now available anymore.  Just in case you're wondering.

And NOW I’m done.  Happy Friday crazy loves!



  1. Cute comforters!!! Have a great weekend Erin!

  2. Love the new beds and those earrings. I think it's fun sharing with family and friends but sometimes I feel like I'm repeating stories because they may have read my blog. Oh well! Happy Friday girl!

  3. Those earrings are so pretty and yay for winning the door prize! I really like the boys' new beds. I'm a fan of that dark wood color.

    I will definitely be back to link up!

  4. LOL! The tone of this post is so peppy, it brightened my day! Can't wait your your link-up!

  5. Can't wait for the link-up and Wilson Phillips is awesome.

  6. So glad you came last night sweets! Great to see you and love the earrings you picked out! I cannot wait for the concert!!!!! Have a wonderful weekend and see you soon!

  7. Eh!!! Oh my goodness!! Thanks for the shout out friend!! You're far too sweet!! And you can take me out to play (not weird ;)) anytime! Or, come up here! I can't guarantee you and island like PEI, but we do have a few beautiful islands around here, you'll fall in love!
    I love the boys bed, and comforters! And both of them are so cute!!
    Ok, Wilson Phillips? I had no idea they were on tour?? We did an "air band" competition in grade 6 to "Hold On" I can still remember all the words and all the dance moves we did!! Oh the good times!! The concert will be a blast!