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Got My Motor Runnin’ For a Wild Weekend

Name that song and singer and I’ll….congratulate you!  And think you’re really cool for knowing it! Ha ha!
First off, thanks to the participants of the Vlog link up yesterday, it was so much fun for me and Kadi!  And welcome to my new followers!  Leave me a comment so I can say a proper ‘hello’!
I am so happy, my husband made it back safe and sound from his bridge load rating class (BO-ring!) last night with a Papa Murphy’s pizza in tow for supper (boom!).  Lots of hugging (maybe some kissing) and we are all back together again!  Such a relief, now I don’t have to fight off any boogey men on my own (or the monsters under my bed that, according to Kadi, can eat my toes as I’m getting into bed at night – ha ha, Kadi, loves you!).  We did a lot of laughing, so much so my belly hurt from laughing so much.  Awww, such a good feeling to have him back! 
Yesterday it actually got WARM outside!!! Ok, warm might be an exaggeration, but it was in the mid 50’s and sunny, so it was awesome!  What do you do on the first day it warms up a bit? Go for a walk and bike ride of course!  This top one cracked me up, my little Brenner’s melon is too big and his helmet would barely fit.  Time for a new one!  But look at how sweet he is! Aww!  I’m a pile of mush!
And last night I finally stuffed Easter Eggs for the McGuire Family Egg Hunt Extravaganza.  Ok, I just have to say, if you were a kid this is the family you’d want to be apart of at Easter time.  There are 4 grandkids, and typically around 300 eggs full of sweet and sugary deliciousness for those 4 kids to hunt and find.  Seriously, how ridiculous is that???  And my boys are given 2 Easter baskets full of goodies a piece – one from the grandparents, one from the uncle and aunt.  Here’s my small contribution to the extravaganza.
My husband took today off so we could spend it together since he’s been gone, so we’re off to Menards to buy stuff to start another project around the house.  Then I am meeting a friend for supper (Hey, Jenny, hey!!), which I absolutely canNOT wait for!  She’s a doll, super sweet, pretty, fun and awesome and I love and adore her. We’ll have a great time catching up and giggling.  Saturday is the McGuire Family Egg Hunt Extravaganza, Sunday is Easter mass and dinner for my mom’s side.  That pretty much sums up my weekend in a quick, short sentence.  What are your plans?
Oh, and I am SO sorry for the crazy long vlog yesterday.  I watched it back with my husband last night and he started glazing over around minute 8!!! ha ha, sorry, I got carried away.  Like I told him, by the time I recorded that he’d been gone long enough I was dying to talk to anybody, even a camera!  Thanks again for linking up, welcome to my new friends and HAPPY EASTER!


  1. Your Easter egg hunt sound like ours. Lots of eggs, candy, and monies!! Have a Happy Easter mama!! I know mine will be thanks to the drugs!! ;)

  2. Your boys are so cute! I wish I had little kids at our family gatherings. We'll be doing mass and brunch with my fam and then dinner with Pete's fam, stopping to visit his grandma at the nursing home for "happy hour" in between. No fun Easter egg hunts...just a lot of talking!

  3. Your boys are adorable!

    Your easter egg hunt sounds a lot like ours. The kids usually each end up with about 50-60 eggs, which equals 50-60 pieces of candy. That doesn't even include the basket that the easter bunny brings, plus what Ma-Ma Barb and Todd's parents give them. INSANE!

    Can I talk about Menards for a minute? We don't have them in St. Louis, but we are getting one soon. Anytime, we go through Indiana, and see one on the highway, he will yell really loud "Look Menards!". And everytime, I laugh like a 12 year old boy. I can't help it.

    Happy Easter my friend!

  4. I wish I was hunting eggs with your family! Ha! I leave Kendall's empty because I don't want her to have the sugar yet and she is too young to care it's missing! Have a great weekend!

  5. Hello! I am new here, and I found you and Kadi through the fabulous Holly. Another Iowa blogger, gotta support!

    1. Also: I heart Menards...I am itching to get outside and start some landscaping projects :)

    2. Hello!!! And Welcome!! So happy to find another Iowan through blogging!

      Oh Menards, I always spend way more money in there than I intend to! Things just seem to hop into my cart when i'm there! :)

      Thanks for the comment, hope to hear from you again soon!

  6. Its ok you don't have to thank me for saving you from the monsters under the bed. No big deal :) lol!

    Your boys are SOO cute. My family still has easter egg hunts for all of us "kids" meaning me and my cousins ages from 17-24 and fill the eggs with gift cards lottery tickets and candy and it is a BLAST! lol I know you're super jealous right now lol

    I LOVED doing our link up can't wait for more :)

    Have a great day and weekened with the hubby :)

  7. Sounds like you guys have an awesome weekend ahead!! Is Good Friday a holiday down there, or does everyone still go to work?
    Enjoy catching up with your girlfriend!!