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Hey there!  Sorry I’m late in posting today, I had a play date with my husband today!  He needed to take a vacation day or lose it, so I talked him into taking it today since I didn’t have to watch Baby A and both boys were in school.  We had fun, did a little retail therapy, ate lunch (in the car, so wasn’t what we had planned but we weren’t hungry enough for Olive Garden so Panchero’s and Panda Express it was!), goofed off and just enjoyed being together.  Here’s a pic of us eating in the car (already posted on IG, sorry if you’ve seen it already. Follow me at homemadehappenings.)


I’m linking up for First Things First today!

First Ever Blog Post:

My first ever blog post was pretty boring.  It was just an overview about me.  I wanted to have something to do with some of my thoughts since I was a new SAHM.  I freaked my husband out by starting up the blog, he thought I was inviting stalkers into our home so I quit the blog.  Then I started it back up almost 2 years later and THIS was my first post.  Pretty bad, hard to read, boring, etc.  Hopefully I’m better at this now!

First Ever Blog Comment:

I waited for what seemed like FOREVER for my very fist comment on my blog.  It was a bit painful, I felt like I was wasting my time writing posts every day and felt like a big fat failure.  Then, out of nowhere, my first comment!!!  I was so excited, I replied back right away!  The comments slowly started trickling in and now I seem to get at least a few comments every day.  These comments keep me going, without them I would have stopped a long time ago!  Thanks to all who comment! 

First Ever Blog Friend/s:

It is so crazy to me how I have made friends through blogging!  I always wish I had more friends, and some days emails are all I have to keep me in touch with the outside world. Once I started getting brave and commenting on other blogs I started hearing back from those bloggers.  Slowly I made friends with some of them and now I have several blogging friends that I email and communicate with on a daily basis!  My very first blogging friend was Holly.  She helped me with some of my blogging questions and was just a super friendly gal.  And she started commenting on my blog, which made me feel so good.  Now, in about 6 weeks, I get to meet her in person finally!  I am so excited and will probably cry and hug her so hard I crush her tiny body!  Thanks, Holly, for being my first blogging friend!


That’s all for now, have a great night!



  1. What a fun day-date with the hubby! I think I need to talk my main man in to doing something similar.
    It seems like the older I get the harder it is to meet and make friends in real life. The blogospher has been crucial in bringing friends into my life I would otherwise not have.
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. That's awesome that you guys got a date day!! And eating in the car totally counts!! I'd take it for sure!
    I haven't made toooooo many bloggy friends yet, but am happy for the ones I have made! It's so nice being able to chat with similar people throughout the day! I can always use more friends, I don't have too many in my town and get lonely! Ok, I sound lame, I promise I'm not!! Lol!

  3. So fun to have a fun day with your hubby!

  4. Comments are definitely fun and exciting, and I for sure love getting them just as much as the next blogger - but don't let those define the "worth" of your posts! Just write for you, and the comments will come! I went over a year before anyone other than people in my real life commented on mine! :) Glad you could join in and link up with us last week!