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Gotta Get Down It’s Friday!

Woot woot!  IT’S FRIDAY!!!!  I am SO dang excited it’s almost the weekend again!  I like the weekends because they are 2 full days with my love, not for any other reason than that. Seriously!  Like I said yesterday, I have the most fun with that man and cannot wait to spend long periods of time with him!  Ha ha.  And speaking of yesterday, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR LINKING UP WITH ME!!!!  I had so much fun reading your love stories!  Some made my cry (serious tears running down my cheeks), others made me smile goofy “I love romance” smiles.  I found some new blogs to follow (Hello!) and some of you found my blog to follow, (WELCOME!).  I am so happy with how it went I will definitely be hosting another link up some day.  Thanks to all of you for making me a happy girl!

Today is March 1st.  Yay but boo.  I love me some February and I love celebrating my birthday month so I’m not ready for it to be over yet. (I haven’t recapped you on my birthday yet, will get to that.) But I do like March because it’s that much closer to Spring.  And I’m starting this Abs challenge today, another reason to like March. Will you join me?

07c4bcae0a99d14a29c0af8b1296d614  (Yes, this is an old calendar, I am following by date, not day of the week.)

Are any of you doing the Jillian Challenge with KimmyBows and Lora?  I said ‘yes’ to the challenge but have not done so well with it.  I did it Wednesday.  Well, let me be honest, I did 1 1/2 circuits of the 30DS Wed, then pussed out and gave up.  Yesterday my hips were so sore for some reason I sucked and didn’t push myself to do it.  Lame.  But I am determined to get back in the ring so wish me luck in getting it on with Jill, as I like to call her.

Have any of you heard of Joni Arias??  She’s some whacko who bumped off her boyfriend and is on trial now.  Riddle me this: why did this happen in 2008 and she is just now having her trial??  I haven’t spent enough time on the web looking up what this thing is all about, I’m hoping Keith Morrison over at Dateline gets ahold of this and fills me in some tonight.  Doesn’t that guy have the best way of reporting on that show?  I love his voice and method of speaking! 

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned on here that Andy and I are working our way through the 7 seasons of The West Wing.  So if I have I apologize for reiterating.  But!  That show is so amazing!  I just love it and because we watch 2 or 3 episodes per night I sometimes get it mixed up with reality and what is really going in the White House.  Anywho, we are on Season 6 and I am dreading the end of it!  These people have become ‘friends’ in a way and I’m so sad to know I’ll have to say goodbye shortly.  On the other hand, I’m bored to tears on some of these episodes!  It’s the second to last season which means they were grasping at straws to keep this thing going, so they switched a bunch of things up and I don’t love it.  But I’m coping.  Josh Lyman helps with that. (I have a small crush on him.)

Now for my birthday.  I won’t get too detail-ey, but I have to brag about how Andy lined up a sitter for the boys and took me out, just the two of us, to the big city for my favorite pizza joint.  Then after supper we went to the mall and just slowly walked around Target and Scheels.  We saw more things at those stores than we have in years!  It was so fun to just stroll, hand in hand, gawking at all the stuff there is to gawk at.  It was FUN!  After the mall I wasn’t ready to head home so we went parking (ha ha!) and sat and talked for awhile, just the two of us.  It was just…amazing.  I felt so dang good, and special!  He makes me feel special.  Anyway, it was so nice.  That was the first time in YEARS that we went on a date just the two of us.  We always end up meeting friends for supper or drinks, but not this time.  It was so great for us.  I can guarantee it won’t be years until we do that again!

Okee dokee, Loves, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  We are heading out to supper with friends Saturday night and Sunday is the first of Brennan’s birthday parties (yes, he gets more than one, lucky boy!).  Have a great weekend!



  1. You already know I'm in for the challenge! :) I just heard about the Jodi Arias trial the other day! A strange story for sure. Have a good weekend!

  2. Yay for multiple birthday parties.

    I am not doing jillian today or tomorrow because of my 5K I am scared she will kill me before the race does!

  3. EEK! I hate Jillian! I think I've started 30DS 3 times and never make it to Level 2! Your birthday sounds fabulous! Have a good weekend girl!

  4. So glad the linkup went great!
    good luck with Jillian, I won't lie I hate/love her.
    She's my favorite on the biggest loser but she can be a bitch! But she knows what she's doing!

    Way to go Andy for your birthday! And happy late birthday since I had no idea it was in February! Well I may have and just forgot :)
    Prego brain is horrible.

    Have a great weekend girl!

  5. I was home sick yesterday and watched the trial all day long. I am weird like that :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Wow. So much I want to comment about in this post!
    First off your birthday sounds absolutely perfect. So laid-back and lovely! The idea of parking just to talk really took me aback--I guess I hadn't thought about what having kids in the house does; how it cuts into your one-on-one time!
    And the March ab challenge? I'll totally do it, too! I just finished the Feb Fab Ab challenge (100 sit-ups KILLED me last night). So the side planks, do you just do the amount of time on each side? I never do side planks, so they're foreign to me! And are you doing push-ups on your knees? I could handle full push-ups at the start, but there's no way I could do 45 push-ups by the end of the month!
    What else did I want to comment on? Oh! Joni Arias! I saw her trial on the TV at the gym last night. I had to read the subtitles, but I got to see the moment where she confessed to killing him. It seemed so over-the-top, like a movie! I didn't know people actually did court-stand confessions in real life!

  7. Yup, I hate Jillian!! I had such huge ambitions of doing it everyday in January and that didn't happen, maybe I'll get back on the wagon soon! But that AB workout looks awesome, I'll try that for now and possibly tighten up this mummy tummy!!

    I love that you and your hubby are so in love!! That you are so excited for your own time, it just makes me smile!!

    Happy late birthday!