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Weekend Rewind

Can it really be Monday already?  I don't feel like I even had a weekend.  Maybe writing about it will jog my memory. :)

Friday, even though it's technically a week day, was a fun day for me and the boys.  We ran to the big city that morning to do a little shopping.  First up, the hair supply store.  I'm a licensed cosmetologist so I can buy salon products at cost even though I'm not working in a salon currently.  Just needed to stock up on a few things - shampoo, conditioner, hairspray (Kenra Volume Spray is my favorite), root lifter (had to get something different this time, my usual Big Sexy Root Pump was out - womp womp!  So am going to try Redken's Guts.  Fingers crossed I'm not disappointed.) and a couple of tubes of color for doing my mom's hair.  Next up, one of my favorite stores -- TARGET!!! :)  I had a long list of stuff to get there - 2 baby boy gifts, undies (glamorous!), a birthday present for Bren's friend, a shower curtain and some other odds and ends.  I swear, I could just wander that store for hours if I didn't have the kids with me!  Who doesn't love Target?!?

For lunch the boy's chose Applebee's.  I love love their boneless wings so was totally happy with eating there for lunch.  Tate had fun 'coloring' and the boys and I had fun laughing at Tate as he vigorously shook his head 'no' when I tried feeding him a spoonful of Bren's yogurt and a piece of my celery.  He's such a silly little boy, he is always entertaining us!

After lunch we made a quick stop at 'Stuff'.  It's a consignment store in our area.  I don't shop consignment ever and think I should start doing that more. Well, not at this store.  I was so disappointed in the quality of clothes they had.  They had a super small maternity section, which was what I was really looking at, and what they did have looked really worn and totally out of date.  Boo.  We were in and out of there in less than 5 minutes.

I'm so lucky that my boys are such good boys when we go out.  I never have to worry about meltdowns and tantrums in a store, they don't whine about hurrying up and they are good company for me.  Love those boys!

Friday evening I saw a FB post from my neighbor saying she was giving away all of her perennials for FREE.  She has huge, beautiful flower beds - I was so shocked she was digging them all up!  But you can bet I went over Saturday with my wheelbarrow to see what I could get!  Holy smokes, I came home with my wheelbarrow overflowing!!! She gave me garden phlox, day lilies, iris', balloon flower, sedum, Japanese iris, and aliums.  I was so excited to have flowers to plant around the new window wells!  After I got home I realized that the dirt was HORRIBLE and no way were any plants going to be happy living there.  I started finding homes in my other flower beds for some of the plants.

Aiden was in my hometown's Ridiculous Day's parade for Clover Kids.  The parade itself was pretty short but Aiden had fun riding on the float and Tate really liked watching the floats go by after the loud firetrucks had passed.  (Bren was at his friend's birthday party.)

After the parade Aiden had his last Clover Kids meeting at the park - ice cream for a snack!  Fun meeting!  We grabbed him and went to the store and got some compost for that icky soil.

Back home I worked that compost into the junk soil and Aiden and I planted one section while Andy mowed.  I was so happy with how it turned out but ran out of plants before planting the other 2 sections over there.  I got ahold of my neighbor and she said to come back and get more, she had plenty!  Sunday I did just that!  I also went out to my folks' and got some purple coneflower.  We made a quick pitstop in town for some more compost and for a few bags of mulch (which turned out to be so ugly, I can't wait til it decomposes and I can get the real stuff like we normally do!).  But the flowers look great and I'm super happy with how they turned out.  Now to wait a year or 2 for things to fluff up and fill out. :)  Patience, not my strong suit!

Last night was Brennie's first baseball game!  Oh my goodness, did he love it!!!  He went out there and ran the field, literally!  Ha ha!  He was all over the place, chasing after every single ball that got hit!  He got up to bat three times. The first two times he cranked that ball clear out on the first pitch! (Well, clear out to the grass!)  His third time he got one strike then nailed that ball again!  And to see him run the bases!!!  He had turned the jets on and was flying around those bases!  I loved watching him play out there!

After the game we came home and Andy got the floor leveler poured in the basement bathroom.  Part of our remodel project.  It was about 9:30 before he finished that.  Long night for a Sunday.  But it's done and now we can move along with the bathroom.

A busy weekend full of outdoor time and fun with the kids - couldn't ask for more (except for maybe an extra day!)!!!

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  1. What a fun (and busy) weekend! I have been a bit lazy with the comments these days but I wanted to make sure I said a big CONGRATULATIONS on the pregnancy! I can't wait for more updates!!

  2. Phew! What a weekend!
    Applebees. Oh my, I didn't realize how much I missed that place until just now. I haven't seen one of those anywhere out here.
    I'm so impressed that people can grow things. I have the worst black thumb, ever. Can't wait to see all your plants thrive and grow.
    Baseball looks and sounds like it was a blast! I'm looking forward to when Marcus is in organized sports. It's so fun to watch the little ones out on those big fields.

  3. Can you tell me about the Clovers? Graycie's teacher suggested we sign her up for it because she loves animals so much. I don't know how it all works though. If they show animals, do they have to own animals? The only animal we have is a dog! What do they do in Clovers?