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I love 'Life Lately' posts, you can talk about all kinds of random things all in the same post!  Let's get started!

It is baseball season at our house (and millions across the nation!)!!  This year Aiden is in the minors 10U league, which means we are travelling!  And there are different rules, the kids do the pitching and the catching, and it's really fun and exciting to watch!  I have never been a baseball fan until my boys started playing Pee Wee ball.  I love watching their games and have even turned on a ball game on TV recently, which has never happened before!

Aiden has 2 games per week for 6 weeks, then a week of tournaments.  Currently their record is 3-1.  Not bad!  They got their first loss last week in the middle of it raining.  They were doing so great until that rain started, then I think they got a little frazzled and things went south after that.  But Aiden took it in stride! He was just so excited that he scored 3 runs and got to slide into home (and did it well without hurting his foot this time!).  Love that boy for having such a positive attitude and great sportsmanship!

Tate had himself a gay ol' time playing in a rain puddle the other night.  Honestly, if this had been one of the older boys a few years ago I would have freaked out and never let them do it.  But I have relaxed quite a bit and Tate gets away with quite a bit more now. #luckyboy!

Oh my goodness, this boy was soaked!  All the way down through his diaper! But look at that smile!  He had so much fun!

This past weekend we got the window wells filled back in and my brother in law used the tiller on his tractor to fluff up the dirt in the yard so it would settle and then we could seed it this fall.  Going to be a long summer of looking at that dirt but I'm so happy it's closer to being back to normal!  One step closer to having the basement finished!

This spring I planted some baby cucumbers in my garden and some ornamental gourds for the fall. The baby cucumbers will be turned into baby pickles, which I cannot wait to have!  So they would be easier to harvest I went to the farm store yesterday and bought 2 wire hog panels and 4 posts and built arches for the cuc's and gourds to grow on.  I've seen lots of other gardeners do this so am confident it will work great for me, too!

While I was out taking the last 2 pictures I found this little lady.  Isn't she pretty? 

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I'm so glad to see you around here again my friend!