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Show & Tell Tuesday: My Yard

I missed this by a day - whoops - but wanted to join in on the fun anyway!

We live on a half acre lot in town.  Our house is on a dead end street (or Drive if you want to get fancy).  There are 2 houses on each side of the street.  Our house is the second house on our side. Because of how our house is situated we don't have any houses very close and the other houses' back yards butt up to our lot. So basically we have the street on one side and houses on the other 3 sides that aren't right next to us which makes it feel like we are a little secluded and that we have a ton of space!  If I have to live in town this is the way to do it!

We love having so much yard space.  When looking for this house our #1 requirement was to have a big yard for the boys to play in.  Check!  The people who built our house bought 2 lots, put the house on one and the other is between us and the other house on our side of the street, which is where so much of the yard is.

The big, open yard is perfect for the boys to play baseball, football and golf in.  And whatever other sport they need space for.  Tate loves all of that open space to run in!  Some days I wish there were trees planted there, because they are pretty, but then I think of taking that space away from the boys and know it'll stay wide open until they are grown and out of the house.

This picture is taken from the corner of our lot looking towards the street with our house off to the left.

Looking at the same yard from the opposite angle.  Here you can see the old play set that the previous owners left. To the right is the house and where you see the fence is the corner is where our garden is.

Another view from behind the play set.

This is the back of the house looking towards the play set and garden.  We sit in the screened in deck a lot in the summer, although Tate has been a little rough on the screen. :)  I love sitting back here because it's so peaceful and quiet.  

This shows the fence where I have a long flower bed planted and black raspberry bushes.  I noticed when I was taking this picture that the berries are turning red, which means only a week or so till I'm picking black berries!  Yum!!!

 Last, this is the 'small yard'.  We don't do much in this yard because it's away from the big yard where the boys play, the play set and the screened in deck.  But there it is anyway.  You can also see the side yard where it's all tilled up to be planted this fall.  The house is set only about 10 feet away from the property line on this side so, except for mowing and occasionally weeding, I never go over here.

There it is!  I didn't get too deep into all of my flower beds because I think I've shown you those before.  But maybe next year I'll do a tour of those once the new areas I planted this year spruce up a bit.

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  1. I cannot express how jealous I am of all that yard! It's amazing and perfect for little boys who need to get out and run, and play, and be outside all day!
    Growing up we always had big back yards, and now my parents live just outside the city limit, so they're on a good acre. But us? We have this rinky dinky little back patio, that's totally made of pavers, and that's our "yard." Ugh. I cannot wait for the day we have a real yard like yours!

  2. I looove all the space... lots of baseball to be played out there, I'm sure :)

  3. Lots of green. Lots of space for all those little cuties of yours!!

  4. That's a very pretty, spacious yard!