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Gifts From the Heart


I love giving gifts.  Not presents, gifts.  You know, the kind of present you give that you picked out all on your own, the one you found in that gift shop that just jumped up and bit you and said “buy this for XYZ, she’ll love it!”  I love giving gifts!

Last summer I started seeing burlap wreaths all over Pinterest and knew right away that I wanted to make those for my mom, sister and MIL for Christmas.  I looked on YouTube for a tutorial on how to build them and away I went.

I had fun going to the store to pick out the ribbons I would use to decorate each one.  I wanted them all to be unique and to say “Jean”, “Nicole” and “Vickie”. 

Here are the finished wreaths. Nicole’s, then my mom’s and last my MIL’s.


From their reactions when they opened their gifts I think they liked them!


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  1. Those look so great, I'm sure they loved them!

  2. They are all cute but my fav is the 3rd one. I love giving gifts too... something that is more special then what is on their "want list".

  3. They turned out so pretty. They look like they would be fun to make too :)

  4. Love them!!! So pretty, Erin!