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2014 // The Year in Review



January 1, 2014 I said to Andy “let’s hope this year is better than the last.”  3 days later we received a phone call that made time stand still.  My dad had an accident on the farm, he fell from the rafters of his shed and was being airlifted to the University hospital.  We dropped everything and headed for the hospital.  It was the scariest day of my life.  For the next week we had no idea how our life would change – would my dad die?  Would he be paralyzed? Would he ever speak again? Would he know who we were?  And then, a meeting with his team of doctors.  “I am confident he will make a significant recovery.”  Those words gave us the shot of what we needed to carry on and help him through the next phase of his recovery.  Now, almost exactly a year later, we can see that doctor was right on the mark.  My dad is nearly 100% exactly who he was before the accident.  In 2014 we witnessed a miracle.  It could have been the worst year of my life but because of that miracle it was a year worth being grateful for.



February is always the best month of the year for me because it’s when my birthday is. But this year it was the best month because my sweet little Tate was born.  February 10th he arrived, all 10lbs 7oz of him!  I fell instantly in love with my big little man. In some of my darkest days he was with me, both inside my belly and in my arms.  I am always full of joy when he’s with me.


This month also marked when my dad came home from the hospital, just in time for my birthday!  He looks so much more like himself in this picture than the one above.

Randy's last day at St Lukes 2-21-14 003 (2)


This month the baby was baptized, it warmed up one day so I hung out sheets on the line after a brutally cold winter, and Brennan, the other pea in my pod, had his 5th birthday!




Spring was almost here!  The Easter Bunny came, my little chunker kept growing, the boys played soccer and we were able to start planting the garden!




In May Aiden made his First Communion!  It was a really special day for us.  IMG_0810

Brennan graduated from Preschool.  What a bittersweet moment – so proud of our little guy and I love watching him grow up but I miss that squishy little guy being home with me all the time!



Aiden turned 8!  The boys were in a parade and had swim lessons.



We took a family vacation to Chicago!  It was so much fun, we had a ton of laughs and have great memories that we reminisce over often.


Aiden made his show ring debut when he showed a goat and a rabbit for Clover Kids!  We had so much fun watching him learn and show off his new skills.



A new school year! Tater turned 6 months old! Hot Beef Sundaes at the Iowa State Fair!



Football and a family reunion.



Aiden won a coloring contest and his prize was a ride to school in the fire truck!


Of course, being October, we carved our pumpkins and the boys dressed up for Halloween!



November is always such a great month, it’s all about family and good food.  This year was no exception.



We had a great month celebrating Christmas and spending time together as a family.  Although we all ended up being sick at one point or another during the month, by Christmas we were all healthy, cough and snot free and ready to party!


Even though it started off scary 2014 turned out to be a wonderful year for our family of 5!  Happy 2015 everyone!


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  1. This post summed up into 3 words... God is Good!!!

  2. I just love your sweet family!! I can't wait to see what 2015 unfolds for you!

  3. Your year in pictures were great. I loved watching Tate change. Happy 2015 it's going to be a phenomenal year.