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Snow Day!


Yesterday the boys went back to school after their Christmas break. Today, snow day.  Friday they have a scheduled day off for the end of the semester so their first week back they aren’t going to accomplish too much.

We ended up with about 5” of snow overnight but luckily the wind they were forecasting hasn’t picked up.  As light and fluffy as the snow is, that wind would make some nasty travel conditions blowing all of that snow around.  But the day is young, that wind just might pick up by day’s end.


Since school was cancelled the boys were allowed to play their tablets this morning.  The rule is no tablets before school so they were thrilled to get to play right off the bat today.  After an hour of that it was time to clean their rooms and get dressed for the day.  While they were doing that I busted out a 30 min workout.  Now they are building Brennan’s Lego Mountain Retreat he was given for Christmas (one of his many new Lego sets, the last to build).


This afternoon I think will be a good time to watch a new movie they were given for Christmas.  And maybe I’ll bust out workout #2!

What did you love to do on your snow days back in the day?


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  1. I love snow days! And I love your rule on tablets!

  2. We got a bunch of snow yesterday too. more today as well. No cancellations here tho! I need to go get the kids some snow suits for the winter :) I know the snow days will come soon for us. Especially with all the negative degree weather

  3. Knock on wood we haven't had a snow day yet. But I think I have found your wind here in Southern Illinois. It is like 30 mph. It's crazy windy here, I swore I felt it coming through my outlets this morning while I was getting ready for work.