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Sledding Fun


This past weekend it finally warmed up into the 20’s so we were able to take the boys sledding at my folk’s farm.  They have some great hills for the kids to sled down.


It’s been so darn cold, temps below 10 degrees, and we finally got some snow but it was too cold to be outside playing.  It was so super great to watch the boys have fun running, diving on to their sleds and flying down the hill.


Tate even had some fun in the sled! 



Until he didn’t.  I think he got scared when Andy turned him around to go back the other way.


I hope we get some more snow before the winter is over so we can go back out and have more fun!

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  1. Cute pictures! We haven't even made it out in the snow yet as it was just slush last weekend. It's PERFECT out now, but it gets dark too early that we can't get out there after work! Hopefully this weekend we'll have some fun like you did!

  2. We haven't been out sledding yet either but we need to... thanks for the reminder! Perfect winter memories!

  3. Looks like you had fun in the snow. We haven't had any yet. They keep calling for it then nothing. I mean I am not complaining but I would like to take Oli in it sometime this year.

  4. I love these photos. :)

    xx Nicole Rose

  5. Poor Tate!! That face looked pitiful. Snow. What's that? I haven't seen any this winter!!!

  6. Looks like everyone had a great time sledding! I don't like snow and can do without it but enjoy sledding when it is here in the area.