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This, That and The Other

Hey Hey! How’s everyone doing today?  We are finally going to get a taste of summer weather today, heat and humidity are forecasted to hit today!  Right now there’s a nice, mild breeze coming in my window and it feels great, but I know in a few hours it’ll feel completely different – I can’t wait!!!  I am not usually a heat and humidity lover, but with the super long winter we had I am SO ready for summer weather!!

Speaking of summer, the boys started swim lessons yesterday.  It was like they swapped bodies.  Brennan wanted to go first, he did (almost) everything his teacher asked him to do, and he didn’t complain about being cold at all.  Then it was Aiden’s turn. He spazzed out!!!  He was seriously panicked that his instructor was going to let him drown, he didn’t want to do anything she asked, and he whined the entire time that he was cold.  OMG.  So today we have bribed them both (parents of the year award!).  If Brennan puts his whole body (not just his face) under water, and if Aiden goes down the slide, then Andy will take them to get ice cream tonight.  If not, no ice cream.  They both seem to be on board so far, we’ll see what happens when they get there.

Wow, is it only Tuesday?  Feels like it should be at least Wednesday.

Anyone watching the Bachelorette?  All I can say is that girlfriend needed some medication, and no one wants a guy to say he is falling in love with you on the second date.  Hello!  One way ticket to getting the boot!  Love that show.

I am in the market for a new phone.  Mine is giving me nothing but fits and I’m sick of it.  I thought I’d get an I-Phone, but now people are telling me forget an I-Phone, go for the Galaxy S4.  IDK, these things confuse me.  Anyone have any advice?

Sorry for the non-picture post.  I will try harder tomorrow.

See you Wednesday!



  1. A and I hate our I-Phones. We can't wait to go back to Androids. I hope swim lessons go better today! Bribery doesn't work on G. Unfortunately.

  2. I feel like all smart phones are the same. I mean, the iphone is easier to use right off the bat because they put more thought into the user interface, but the android might be faster. For my purposes (checking social media apps and getting directions), either works.

    Pete refuses to get a smart phone. He insists that the people who spend the most on their phones are usually the ones who complain about their phones the most. Very good point--but that doesn't quite nullify the fact that he borrows my iPhone for something at least every other day. :)

  3. Finally some heat and some sun! This humidity is for the birds, and it can get lost as far as I'm concerned.
    Hang in there with the boys. Just keep them swimming. No summer is complete without summer swim lessons followed by countless hours spent at the pool!

  4. I've had an iPhone for 4+ years now and I'd never go back. Hope the swimming lessons get better!

  5. I'm ready for warmer weather but not 100 degree weather, unless I'm lounging in the river!! =) ... I have a Galaxy S2 and I love it! I've never had an Iphone though so I can't really compare them - I think you would be happy with either one - smart phones are fun! =)

  6. Yay for swim lessons! Hunter starts next week and I'm nervous for his reaction! I'm totally down with bribery it works most of the time! :)
    As for phones I have an iPhone 4S and I really like it. But if they don't come out with something newer then the 5 by December when it's my upgrade then ill probably go with a galaxy! :)

  7. I feel for Aiden! I'd be the same way! I hate swimming!! And there is nothing wrong with a bribe here and there!! I have bribe food in my diaper bag for those days when Ollie just refuses to leave anywhere!! Lol!!

    Ok, Jason is the biggest Apple fan you'll find. He even has the sticker on his truck! He loved them before they got big! He has so many different Apple products and has no complaints at all!! When it was time for us to get new phones, he wasn't sure if he wanted to stay with the iPhones. Let me tell you as well, he researches the CRAP out of everything. Sometimes it gets annoying, but in the end we have always made great purchases because of the time he put in. I think he researched the phones for weeks. We now both have the Samsung. I wasn't set n it at first, but now I love it. He just watched the new Apple release yesterday and was telling me that right now the best phone on the market is the S4, and unless the next iPhone that comes out makes major changes then he will continue to stick with Samsung. He's says right now it's just a superior product in the phone market.

    Anyway, sorry to leave that in the comments! Hope you're having a nice, hot day!!

  8. Hey girl Hey!

    I have the Samsung Galaxy SIII, and I LOVE it! When we got our phones last summer, they had just started selling them. I asked the guy at the phone store which phone he would recommend to his mother, and he said the Galaxy. I had my heart sold on the Iphone, but when I we were in the store, I fell in love with the Galaxy. I don't think you could go wrong with either the Iphone or the Galaxy.