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Healthy Recipe Link Up

Hey there, friends!  It’s Wednesday!  And I’m exhausted.  I have been walking around for the last few weeks feeling like I’m drugged.  I think part of it is because I have been staying up past 10:00 watching TV with Andy.  I need to hit the hay at 9:00 and see if that helps.

I am linking up with Jodi and Sami today for their Healthy Recipe link up. 


My go-to lunch is what I call Quinoa Salad. You can make it ahead so you can take it with you to work, it still tastes just as good.

Quinoa Salad

1/4 C dry Quinoa (made according to package directions)

1/2 Avocado, sliced and diced

1/4 Red Bell Pepper, diced

1/2 Roma tomato (or whatever tomato, about 1/4 C)

1/4 C grilled chicken breast, diced (I used Oscar Meyer’s, found in the deli section)

While your quinoa is cooking cut up the rest of the ingredients, throw them in a bowl.  Dump in the fully cooked quinoa, mix up and enjoy! So super easy!  It is so delicious, very flavorful.  And those are my go-to veggies to add, you can switch them up however you like.  I’ve used yellow and green Bell Peppers, if you like onions, throw those in there.  Mix and match to your hearts content!


(This pic doesn’t have the quinoa added to it yet, FYI.)

I figured up the calorie content one time and it was under 300 calories for that big ol’ bowl full!  I hope you like it!

I also wanted to share this little gem I pinned on Pinterest.

Now go link up with Jodi and Sami so I can get more healthy recipes!



  1. I just bought some Quinoa yesterday and was wondering what to use it for!!! Guess what I am going to try....... :) Thanks for linking up!

  2. That looks so good! I need to try that sometime!

    Happy Wednesday!!!

  3. So I made quinoa the other day, totally thinking that it plumps up to twice the size of a dry serving...nope. Not so. Now I have TONS of quinoa in the freezer! This will be a good way to use some of it up!

  4. Oh Erin, what a great idea!!! I love this! Now I'm adding quinoa to my grocery list! Thanks for linking up!!

  5. Love the recipe and the tip list. I need to start eating better like now!

  6. YUMMMMM THIS LOOKS AMAZING! I'm going to get some quinoa ASAP and make this. Thanks for the idea love!

  7. Oh My Goodness! I just found your blog and have missed you so much. Your boys are growing and are absolutely adorable. I'll be following you regularly :)