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Photo Phriday (or Foto Friday?)

Finally, it’s FRIDAY!!!  Today we are taking a little day vacation and heading to Dubuque to the Mississippi River Museum.  They are having a big turtle exhibit this summer so we thought it’d be fun to go check it out.
Today I thought I’d share some pictures with you.
Yesterday was a nice HOT, HUMID day so we got the Slip-N-Slide and funky sprinkler out.  The boys had fun running and sliding.  Poor Bren got a few skid marks from missing the plastic and diving right on to the grass a few times.
Here are some pictures of my flowers and veggies.
Lambs Ear
Butterfly Flower
My peas, the vines are chock full of pods!  Can’t wait to start picking!
A tomato!!!
Grape tomatoes!
My onions are getting HUGE!  Won’t be long and I’ll be digging them and hanging them to dry!
All in all things are looking pretty good around here!  We went out and put a fence up to keep the rabbits out last night, those little boogers are destroying my pepper plants!!!  And with my green beans coming up I don’t want to tempt them to munch those off, too. 
Aside from today’s mini vacay we don’t have much planned for the weekend – hallelujah!  Maybe we’ll finally get Aiden’s room painted?  Only time will tell!  Have a great weekend!


  1. The slip n slide and sprinkler look like so much fun! Those kind of days were some of my favorites during the summer. Top it off with one of those icee thingys from the freezer and you have the
    So jealous of your green thumb!!

  2. I want to play in your sprinkler! JULY!:)

  3. Your plants look great!! We are having a lot of success with our tomatoes this year, they are going crazy! Just planted some red and green peppers, too. This is the first time we have done any vegetables and we are loving it - thinking about doing a big garden next year =) Have a great, relaxing weekend!!!

  4. Your plants look awesome! I need to get kendall a slip in slide!

  5. Those pictures of the boys are so cute! What a good momma you are!

    I need your green thumb. Molly gave me a basil plant and I have no clue what to do with it. I can't throw it away, like I do all my other plants. Do I need to repot it? it is currently in a red solo cup...

  6. Great pictures! Looks like you are loving that new camera!