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Let’s Get Physical Link Up– Part 1


Simply Sami

Monday, June 3rd:

I am starting this post on the first day of this workout, Monday, June 3rd.  I figured if I didn’t start it I’d forget all of the nitty gritty good stuff come next Monday when it’s time for the actual link up.  So my first thoughts about doing this Yoga workout were “Cool! Yoga!!!  I’ve always wanted to do Yoga (and be good at it).”  Cut ahead to me actually doing it.  I actually pulled a muscle in my neck!!!  Ha ha, yea, not so sure that’s supposed to happen in Yoga!  It was during the first ‘”Harrrr!”, get mad, let it all out’ exhale.  I didn’t yell or make any noise, was just breathing, but I must have thrown my upper body down too fast or hard or something soooo yea, that wasn’t cool. And it didn’t feel good. And it wasn’t relaxing.  But I sucked it up, rubbed my neck for a bit and got back in it.  I only ran through it once, mainly because of my neck and the fact that I was sweating a little and my muscles felt like jelly.  I think if I can get the hang of it I’ll really like it!  Looking forward to Day 2 of this Yoga thing!

Monday, June 10th: 

I haven’t done the workout since last Monday.  Lame.  Life got in the way (and I was lazy).  Boo.  But I have it saved to my favorites so I can try it again sometime. 

Wrap Up:

I failed. Boo! 

Have a good week!



  1. Oh no!!! That stinks that you pulled a muscle! At least you tried it!!!! Hopefully you can do the workout more this week! Thanks for linking up!! :)

  2. The hubs does more yoga than me. And, he's by far less flexible than me. I'll take a nice long run over yoga any day!
    Can't wait to hear if you try it again!

  3. You pulled a muscle? Oh no!! How was it the next day? Still sore? Now?
    Don't think you failed, at least you DID IT!!! Something is always better than nothing!! And you are BUSY, especially with the boys out of school now!!

  4. I love Yoga, problem is I need to find the time to fit it in my crazy life. You did good for trying. I need to try alittle harder!

  5. At least you tried it! I have a prenatal yoga DVD that is gathering dust that i should try!! A for effort mama!

  6. I was lazy too! Cheers to a more productive week!!