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Wednesday Review

Happy day to all!  Today I am so excited, my husband is coming home from Arkansas!  *Side bar: Why is Arkansas pronounced differently than Kansas?  Does this make sense to anyone?*  He went there for a work deal, got to tour the Caterpillar factory in Little Rock (Hey, Bill, heyyyy!) and went to the Remington Gun Factory and got to shoot guns there.  We are so ready to have him home!  I always make an extra effort to do something fun with the boys when Daddy is gone because they really miss him and my days are pretty long with no adult interaction.  So last night we went to see ‘The Croods’.

The Croods (2013) Poster

Ok, so let me start by saying I am super picky about animated movies.  Ever since I was little and was forced to watch Strawberry Shortcake movies with my sister I have not been a big fan of the typical plot of kid movies.  There’s always a bad guy or a major dilemma and I HATE that!  Why can’t it just be a happy-go-lucky life?  Second, since I don’t believe in dinosaurs I don’t really believe in cavemen.  I was not excited to see this movie AT ALL, but a friend said it was super great and that we needed to see it.  Of course the boys wanted to see it so I gave in and took them last night.  So the movie started and I was not happy with it.  It was making me feel yucky so I was totally convinced I was going to shut my eyes and snooze while the boys enjoyed it.  Move ahead about 10 minutes in and I was HOOKED!!!  It was SUCH a great movie!  I laughed out loud quite a few times and I cried at the end.  I DEFINITELY recommend this movie to any and all!!  It also helped that Emma Stone played the main girl character, Eep, I really like her.  So Jodi and Becky, the answer is YES, go see it!

Ok, next review is on some new shampoo and conditioner I bought this week.  I love trying new poo and cond., so I never buy the same thing two times in a row.  Now, being a cosmetologist I can’t believe I’m going to promote a non-professional product BUT, I absolutely love this stuff.


Suave’s new Professionals LIne is great!  It’s still one of the least expensive ‘over the counter’ hair products on the shelves but I have tried many of their products and have loved them all. Their mousse is really great, totally holds up when you rub it in your hands, unlike others that lose their ‘fluff’.  So these above are the Moroccan Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner.  OMG!  My hair is so dang soft and shiny and it smells AH-mazing!  The cond. is nice and thick which is a tell tale sign you have a good conditioner.  Seriously, the smell is like heaven!  Now it makes your hair super soft, so you might not be able to use it daily, especially when you have fine hair.  But for medium to thick haired gals, run to your nearest store and get you some!

Last review is about my new blow dryer.  My other one was acting funny and I was sure it was going to die so I decided to pick up a  new one to have on hand – no one wants to be left high and dry wet when getting ready for a hot date with their amazing husband, am I right?  So I picked up this little gal.


The Revlon Pro Stylist with Ionic and Ceramic Technologies.  Wow, this thing dries my hair SUPER fast!  And my hair is nice and soft, not frizzy, when I’m done (that happened before the Suave goodie, just so you know).  My hair is dry in a couple of minutes, not 5+ like with my old dryer.  I just love this dryer!  I found it at WalMart, in case you’re looking.  And it was under $20! (What can I say, I’m cheap and it paid off this time!)

Bonus review: I’m watching The Today show as I type this and NKOTB is on singing their new song ‘Remix’.  It’s actually not that bad!  I think I’ll be downloading it!  Their dance moves could be tweaked, tho!  Step touching went out when they did last time.

Those are things I’m loving right now.  Here are a couple of songs I’m loving right now, too.

Olly Murs – Troublemaker

Taylor Swift – 22 (gasp!!!)

Bruno Mars – Locked Out of Heaven

Maroon 5 – One More Night

and an oldie but goodie: Jay Z – 99 Problems

Make it a good one today!



  1. I love the Suave too (and I haven't purchased non-professional shampoo or conditioner since high school, especially not Suave!)! They were out of the Moroccan oil shampoo, so I got the keratin shampoo and the Moroccan conditioner and my hair is also super soft. I can't believe it, especially since it is so cheap! My hair and bank account love it!

  2. whoa! mind blown! why is arkansas prounced differently than kansas?? I've never thought a bout that! definitely googling that one haha!

    I love animated movies so I will DEF be seeing that when it comes out on dvd. p.s. did you see theyre finally making a finding nemo two? don't know if you like that but i LOVE it!

  3. Ha!! Why are those two states pronounced differently? I was totally trying to pronouce Arkansa like Kansas at my work desk. Glad none of my coworkers walked by and heard that one.

  4. ErMyGosh..I cannot get on the Taylor band wagon. Her and all her boyfriends erk me. I have wondered the same thing about arKANSAS. Last, thanks for the Crood review. I have been debating taking G for weeks. I don't want to have to sit through a crappy movie!

  5. I will have to try this shampoo!

  6. I love the Suave Salon stuff! I use the color treated right after I get my hairs did and then the stuff for frizzy hair after I run out of that! I need a new hair dryer, so I will have to check that out!

    I am going to have to take the kiddos to see that movie. I am sure they will love it.

    BTW -- I may or may not have been 30 minutes late to work yesterday because I had to stop at Target to buy the NKOTB CD. It came out yesterday. Yes, I know it isn't 1996, but I love a CD to listen to in my car, when I don't want to mess with my phone!

    Yay for Andy coming back home tonight! I can't believe he drove! How long did that take?

  7. I never buy Suave products but I got a coupon in the mail for a free shampoo and conditioner for this line so I grabbed it and I absolutely love it... will definitely be buying it again!

  8. This is the second mention of that Moroccan line I've seen! Funny!

    And you don't believe in dinosaurs? Huh. I think you're the first person I've met who doesn't! Does that mean you didn't grow up loving "Land Before Time"? :)

  9. Ok, I LOVE your song choices!! We totally need to meet, ASAP!!

    I'll have to go out and look for that shampoo! I have very thn, very fine hair and have so many problems with cuts and products! That's why I need to just keep it short!
    And of course I'm so glad your husband is home tonight!!
    Thanks for the movie review! I still think it's funny you don't believe in dinosaurs!! Now we will definately have to try and head to that movie!
    Have a great night!!

  10. HAHA!! You can never go wrong with "99 problems" love it! I use the suave professionals line also. I use the volumizing ones...they are purple. Love them!