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Ball and Beautiful Bastards

Good Friday morning to you all!  Welcome to my newest followers, I’m so happy to have you!  The ‘Celebrate Your True Beauty’ link up was a huge success!  It was so great to see so many of you celebrating your true beauty!  I did notice a few of you are set up as ‘no-reply’ bloggers, which means I can’t email you back when you leave me a comment (that is how I respond to you lovely ladies!), so if you need directions on how to change that go HERE

Yesterday was a nice day – FINALLY!!!  We actually have a stretch of nice, mild days ahead so we are taking advantage of the warmer temps and sunshine!  Last night we were outside playing ball.  Aside from me getting beaned in the head by the HARD ball, it was a lot of fun!



Do you see the look on Andy’s face in the bottom photo?  Yes, that’s not a smile – he’s grimacing from getting a ball to the shin! Bah!!  I died laughing when I saw I’d ‘caught the moment’!!!

A sign of spring:


The boys are excited to watch the eggs hatch – Bren keeps asking me when they are going to hatch!  How long is the gestation of Robin’s eggs? :)

Since it is a nice day we are having our first park play date of the year this morning!  It looks a touch breezy out there, I hope I can hack it!  I’m such a weenie, ha ha!

One more thing – I started the book Beautiful Bastard last night.  Yowser!  Ow ow! Rarr!  Chapter one did not disappoint!  And that’s as far as I made it, the bedroom time was calling.  Without having read anymore than that first chapter I am HIGHLY recommending this book to those 50 Shades and smut book lovers! 

Beautiful Bastard Book Cover - P 2013

And the sequel, Beautiful Stranger, is coming out at the end of May so there will be some good summer time reading going on here at mi casa!  I have the Sylvia Day trilogy ordered and it will be shipped when the third book comes out late May/early June, which basically means I won’t be getting anything done around here while working my way through these books!  Ha!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  My nephew is making his First Communion Sunday, and I am his prayer partner (yay!) so Sunday will be a special day for us! 

Oh, and don’t forget about my Prom linkup on Tuesday!

Talk soon!



  1. I loved beautiful bastard! i want to reread it. I am reading the next book in the series beautiful stranger. There are 5 more coming out after this one!

  2. I was told i was a no-reply blogger few days, I believe mine is all fixed because I get responses from bloggers!

    1. If i am a no-reply. HELP ME lol thanks girl

  3. I saw the Beautiful Stranger at Target yesterday. Must have come out early! I hope I get to start the Bastard this weekend on the way to Indy. I'm dying to delve in!

  4. This reminded me that I have other things to read than blogs.. hmmm one day I'll get back to reading! (Once I learn how to time my "blogging" right!!)
    Looks like y'all had fun!! :)

    Erica Dee

  5. How exciting to watch the Robin eggs!! Where is the nest? I have a girlfriend that gets one on her deck every year!! So great for the kids!

    I love the action shot of Andy!! Hope his shin is ok!! Lol!

    And how special of you to be his prayer partner!! I hope it all goes well!!