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Friday’s Black Eye

Oh my goodness,what a morning!  This morning Brennan tripped on the rug in the bathroom and hit his head on the tub.  The poor boy screamed bloody murder so I ran in there and couldn’t see anything.  He was holding his left eye so I looked at it and couldn’t see anything.  I snuggled him a bit then looked and holy hell, what I saw made my stomach drop!  I thought I was going to throw up!!!  I yelled for Aiden, who was getting his shoes on for school, to get me an ice pack.  Brennan just cried and cried and cried and I tried my best to hold it together to not scare him or Aiden.  I called Andy right away to come home and help me decide if we needed to take Bren to the ER.  Here are the gruesomely cute pics (the boy was so sweet smiling for the camera even though his eye felt like it was going to explode!), they don’t do it justice.




We have held an ice pack on his eye off and on all morning, now he is napping and I am almost certain his eye will be swollen shut when he wakes up.  Makes me so sad.  At lunch I was talking to him about going to his buddies birthday party tomorrow, something he is jumping out of his skin excited about.  He said “I can’t go looking like this!”  No lie, his exact words!  Bah!  I told him they wouldn’t reschedule the birthday party just because his eye was swollen up so he sighed and said “Fine, I will go like this.”  I die.  The kid is so dang sweet, cute and funny and he’s just the sweetest little shmumpky pie I ever did see!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



  1. OMGoodness! Poor guy!! Did y'all take him to the ER or doctor? That makes me hurt looking at it!

  2. Oh wow!! That looks awful! Poor little dude =( .. That's one thing we haven't had to deal with yet, a black eye. But with two crazy boys I am sure we will eventually. Hope he heals quickly!! Ouch!

  3. Oh my goodness!!! Poor Brennan!! That is a massive black eye! It amazes me how well they do when they get so hurt! If that happened to us, we'd be in so much pain!
    I hope you all are doing ok, and he has a great time at the party tomorrow!

  4. Oh man!! That had to hurt, poor bug. Ouch! I hope it feels better tomorrow. He is so sweet, I love his comments. =)

  5. Oh poor buddy! I hope he is feeling better. I think I hurt more when my kids hurt than when I do.

  6. Poor baby!!!!!! How's he today?

  7. Oh no! I hope he heals up quickly--that looks like it hurt something fierce! It's so cure that he was concerned about his friends seeing his eye. What a cutie!

  8. Ouch! Poor guy! I hate it when they hurt. I hate it more that they are so clumsy and you can't be there to catch them all the time. Be ready to get looks from everyone in public. I over shared what happened to k's eye for a week to strangers just so they wouldn't call CPS!