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Running Excitement!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!  OMG, I had the best time on the treadmill last night!  How crazy is that?!?  I walked and ran (mostly walked) 4 miles on there last night and I felt amazing!!!  I just kept going and going, singing along to my favorite tunes – it was AWESOME!  I did my scheduled W5D2 of C25K (ran 8 minutes straight TWICE and I didn’t die!!), then just kept going.  I walked and walked at a brisk pace for the next 30 minutes.  When I saw I was close to 4 miles I thought “I’m getting it!  I’m going to go 4 miles!!!” and I did!  Gah, it just felt so great!  I’m still on a high from it!  I just had to share!  To think, a few short weeks ago I struggled to run 1 1/2 minutes, now I can run 8!!! 

In addition to that awesome part of my day, my very very good friend Shauna took me to get a massage for my birthday.  Holy wow, it was awesome!  We went shopping for a bit in the morning and had a fabulous time doing that.  I still haven’t found a dress for my nephew’s First Communion and the 3 weddings we have this summer, but I did get a pair of capris that are super cute.  Then we grabbed a quick lunch before heading to our massage appt.  So we get there and get a tour of the area we will be in. Then we change into our swimsuits and soak in the hot tub for a bit.  We also tried out the InfraRed Sauna (nice!).  Then it was time for our massage!  Awww, so nice!  An hour of heaven!  Afterwards we were able to take a shower and wash the oil out of our hair and off ourselves.  It was so amazing, the nicest massage experience I’ve ever had (only had 1 other so not much to compare it to)!  What a treat for me!


BTW- this is my friend who I think resembles Miranda Lambert, both in looks and attitude. She’s awesome!

Tomorrow is the big Winery Tour day!  My sister and I are taking our mom to a couple of wineries for her birthday.  We are also going to hit up some little shops if we can find some.  It’s going to be a fabulous day together, I can’t wait!  We are bringing our grandma along, too, because she’ll have a great time goofing off with us.  I’m hoping to have lots of fun pictures on Monday to share!

What are your weekend plans?



  1. Sounds like a fun day! I have a 1st communion this weekend too!

  2. Ummm I want to be friends with Shauna! I love massages! Way to go on the running!

  3. Jealous of your spa day! Good job on the running. Maybe in a few weeks I can say the same. :)

  4. It's always nice when we push ourselves and accomplish something we didn't think we could do!! I have never gotten a massage but maybe I should - sounds nice! =) Hope you have a fabulous day tomorrow!! A winery tour sounds so much fun, never done that either ... We need to be IRL friends so we can hang out and do all this fun stuff!! ha ha ha

  5. Way to go on your run! Each minute/mile it gets better and better!!
    Have fun at the winery!

  6. Hey girl!!!

    I am finally sitting down and catching up on blogs. What a great day for you yesterday! A massage and four miles!!!

    And did I miss your birthday? Ugh....

    So glad to be back! I am sure we will catch up soon.

    Have fun tomorrow with your momma and sister!

  7. I love wine tasting. I hope you girls have a great day doing it.

  8. THe first paragraph makes me SO happy! :)

    I have gotten a massage before but never like that SO JEALOUS! p.s. she does look like miranda ! :)

    I am also SO Jealous of your winery and cannot WAIT To hear ALL about it!

    I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever! Is that really sad? lol oh well I hope you had/have a fantastic time you SO deserve it!