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Rain Is A Good Thing!

Dear Grandma,

IT'S RAINING!!!  We have been here over a month and the day we moved in was the last time it rained.  And that day it didn't rain enough to make much difference in the brown, dying grass.  So today it is raining.  It's a nice, gentle rain that will soak in, not just run off.  I wish it would rain like this for 3 days.  Lets hope this is the beginning of a new, wetter, pattern.

Aiden started flag football last night.  (THUNDER!!!! YAY!!!)  I wasn't sure what to expect but they actually had them practice hiking the ball (playing center I guess), running and catching the ball, and at the beginning stretching.  I wish I had taken my camera!  They are having 3 practices before their first game next week so I'll try to get some good shots and post them for you to see.  They have to wear mouth guards, which cracks me up to see little Aiden with that mouth full of plastic!  All the little boys thought they were big and bad with those mouth guards. 

Enjoy the rainy afternoon!

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