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Potty Training - Ugh!

Dear Grandma,

Well, I decided to take the plunge and work on potty training Brennan.  He'll be 2 1/2 next month, which is how old Aiden was when I trained him.  Aiden was EASY!  He never had an accident and had it down-pat within a week.  I just knew with Aiden he was ready.  Brennan, I'm not so sure.  About a month ago he went on the potty about 6 times, then through a fit and I didn't want to push it so let it go and didn't try again.  Now with Aiden starting school I decided it was time. 

We started yesterday, and he did pretty good, just one accident.  He went on the potty before bed last night and woke up dry today (yay!!).  He went this morning a couple of times, then got busy playing with play dough and had a double accident (BM and potty).  He went in the potty, then had another accident.  I don't think the wet undies are bothering him, either.  Not a good thing when you're training.  And every time I tell him it's time to try going he throws a fit.  So before nap time I tried a different approach -- he was to teach his doll how to go potty in the toilet.  He loved that!  So I'm hoping this helps him want to go on the potty instead of throwing a fit every time I tell him it's time to try.

Aiden's been a big help with this, too. Every time Brennan goes in the potty Aiden cheers and gives him a big high-five! Aiden's a great big brother.

Wish us luck and send us prayers over the next couple of weeks!

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