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For the last 5 years we have lived an hour away from our family, and for the last 5 years all I wanted was to move back home.  It's finally happend ... almost!  We are about 20 minutes away from our hometown now and are all adjusting very well to living in a small town again.  This small town, though, is SMALL.  There are 1000 residents in this town, compared to about 7500 in our hometown, and over 100,000 in the city we moved from.  There is a small grocery store, but it seems to only have the essentials.  There is a gas station, a post office, a school and an auto body shop.  But there is not a Target or WalMart, well known grocery store or restaurant.  Everyone in town is used to driving the 20 minutes to our hometown for groceries, eating out, etc so we will get used to it as well.  That has been the hardest adjustment for me.  I make a list for everything so when I do make the weekly trip to twon I don't forget anything.  I do love a small town, though, and won't have any trouble fitting in. 

One of the funniest things about moving to a small town is that everyone knows who we are already, but of course we know none of them.  Everyone is very friendly and I am sure it won't take long to get to know people.  The hardest thing will be to remember both their names -- yes, I said both.  Everyone here seems to have a nickname (will they give me, my husband and my kids one?). 

On a different note, my mom came yesterday to pick up my oldest son, Aiden, for a sleep over and some Grandma spoiling.  (That's one of the many exciting things about being so close to family again, they can drop in and visit or pick up the grandbabies whenever they want!)  She also picked up my nephew, Charley, so I'm sure the boys have been playing outside on the farm since they got there.  It's been nice and quiet around here -- I haven't had to break up any fights between Aiden and my youngest son, Brennan.  This has also been a nice trial run for me and Brennan for when Aiden starts kindergarten in 2 weeks.  We have had fun playing outside, cleaning the house (Brennan LOVES to help clean) and breaking down boxes from our move.  My folks will bring Aiden back tonight around supper time.  My dad made me some clothesline poles so him and my husband are going to 'plant' them tonight.  I can't wait!  I've begged for a clothesline for Mother's Day for the last 3 years but instead I was given them by my dad for a housewarming gift! Thanks, Dad!

While Brennan is napping I'd better get a few more boxes unloaded.

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