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Tate Lately // 10 Months Old



Tatie Tot, you cute little baby you, I can’t believe you are 10 months old already! 

You are still such a happy little guy, always babbling and chattering along, laughing along with me when I laugh.  You’re new thing is bouncing up and down when you are standing up and holding on to something.  I say you are dancing to the music in your head. 

You have mastered walking behind the walker.  It’s a fast little buggy and you practically have to run to keep up sometimes.  For most of the month you would holler for some help when you would get it ‘stuck’ against a wall or couch or something, but over the last 2 days you have figured out how to ‘unstick’ yourself and keep on a movin’.  You used to be nervous about getting on the wood flooring but now you cruise carpet and wood.

2 weeks ago we had your 9month check up, you weighed 26lbs 4oz and were 30 3/4” tall.  Still at or above the 97th percentile!

You wear all 18 – 24mo clothes and size 4 diapers.  I just bought you new shoes, they are size 5’s. 

I swear you are saying ‘Santa’ now, although I’m not sure if I’ll write it down as your first word or not.  It’s not very clear but definitely mimics the sounds I make when saying it. And speaking of Santa, you LOVE all the Christmas decorations!  Every time we go back to bed for naps or bedtime we stop at the Christmas tree in the front room and say “ooo, pretty!” and then you smile at it and look at it with such big, wondrous eyes.  It’s adorable and is making Christmas that much more fun for me.


This I love!  You lodge your little toes up under your high chair tray when you eat!  It must be comfortable for you because you do it every time!

We are working on getting you to really take a sippy cup.  You’ll take a few drinks from it but you won’t just settle in and drink from it like you do a bottle.  And as far as bottles go you had been finishing them finally but are now back to always leaving a half ounce or so behind.  We are starting to cool the temperature of your bottles down since whole milk is in our near future and will be cold out of the fridge.

You like almost everything I feed you, except the Gerber Toddler meals – those you have refused both time I’ve tried them.  You love fruit and green beans are hands down your favorite vegetable.  We tried scrambled eggs and a hard boiled egg this past weekend and you snarfed those down lickity split so I think it’s safe to say you love those, too. 

Although you have not taken any steps by yourself yet you are definitely feeling more comfortable not holding on with a death grip anymore.  I caught you letting go of what you are holding on to as you lower yourself to the floor a few times now, I’m thinking standing alone will be coming soon.

I am super excited to see what you think of Santa, we’ll be meeting him in person soon.  And I can’t wait to see how you react to all the chaos of Christmas!  You are going to make this Christmas so much fun!

All my love,


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  1. Tate the Great!! Why are you so big already?! Eek!

  2. Happy 10 months little man!!

  3. AW- he is getting so big. Happy 10 months little guy.

  4. That high chair picture - haha! I love how he gets good and cozy when he eats. Speaking of eating - sounds like Tate isn't too terribly picky. Lucky you!!
    Happy 10 Months sweet, smiley little boy!