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YES to this!!!  I seriously cringe every time someone says “I seen..”  No you DIDN’T ‘seen’, you SAW!  Erg!

Grammar Rules--and I have been tortured by clueless writers this week...


This one is so darn cute it made me laugh out loud!

Pun pun pun... I may be laughing too hard. Oh humor, how I need you!  #laughter #humor #puns

That one also makes me super excited for the State Fair on Friday because it means I’ll be having my annual Hot Beef Sundae from the Cattlemen’s booth.  Yum!

And this one, I should post this one weekly.  It pretty much sums things up for me.

daily odd compliment | Daily odd compliment @allofmyfriends! Haha | random hilarity

Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Wait... hot beef sundae?! Tell me more!

  2. A friend of mine says "I SEEN" all the time. I cringe.

  3. "I seen..."
    I can't! Where do people pickup this stuff? And how do they think it sounds ok?
    State Fair on Monday - woooohooo!!!

  4. You will need to stop and see Nathan at the fair! He is selling salt water taffy by the administration building. Everyday 10-6.

  5. What in the world is a hot beef sundae?