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Weigh In Wednesday

Is there even a WIW anywhere anymore?  I know there is a Follow Up Friday, maybe I should have waited to write this post until then.  Well, here it is.

I started working out again yesterday.  I started with 15 minutes of a 30 minute weight loss exercise that’s programmed into my treadmill.  Tater didn’t let me get any further than that.  I came upstairs to calm him down, then did some leg work.  I have an April ‘Butt’ challenge pinned on Pinterest (follow me!) that I used for inspiration, basically doing lunges and squats every day, each day increasing the number.  I also did some planks.  Total I worked out for maybe 22 minutes, but it was a definite start!

Today back to the treadmill.  I decided I’d try running some, see what I could do.  If you remember, last year I completed the C25K program, which means I ran for a total of 30 minutes straight.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to start off doing that, so set a goal to run 3 minutes, walk 2.  I did that twice, with a 5 minute walk to warm up, before Tate once again interrupted my work out.  Same thing as yesterday, I came upstairs to calm him down, then did the ‘butt’ workout and some more planks.  Again, about a 22 minute total workout. 

So, this, compared to most, is nothing, not even called a workout.  But for me, for right now, it’s what I’m able to get in. 

As for the watching what I’m eating part?  I’m not focusing on that right now.  I will set myself up for failure if I try to do it all at once.  Let me figure out this exercising thing first, then I’ll start working on what I’m stuffing in my face.  I can say that since I can’t drink pop I am definitely not taking in the calories I used to before getting pregnant.  Do I still crave a Mt Dew after not drinking it for almost 5 months? YES!  I want one!!!  I really thought by now that feeling of NEEDING one would have gone away, but no.  But as long as I’m nursing my little guy I won’t be able to have one because it upsets his sweet little tummy. I hope that’s long enough for me to get over this addiction to pop and not go back to drinking it again.

And that’s my #WIW post.

Have a great day!



  1. 22 minutes is 22 minutes good job :) as long as it's something that's all that matters. Oh and if your still looking there is a WIW over on Ash's Right Direction blog

  2. Get it GUURRLLL!!!! Mav always seems to interrupt my workout too. I try and do mine at night when Trav is home but lately Mav has been stage 5 clingy to me when I get home and by the time he gets in bed I am SPENT. Excuses, right?! Gah I need to get on it.

  3. Yes! There's still a WIW... I passed mine off to so you can always link up with her... and I'm also thinking of starting mine back up, or re-joining that one.

    Ughh, the Mountain Dew... I'm a former soda addict so I can definitely relate... but I can't get over what a difference it makes NOT drinking it. It's literally poison for our bodies! Good for you for getting workouts in whenever you can... every single minute helps!

  4. A couple things - it doesn't matter how long you worked out, what matters is YOU WORKED OUT! Way to go, lady!
    Second, I love that you call pop, pop! That sounds so much like home. :)

  5. Way to go Erin! You a doing great. 22 minutes is better than the 0 from before. So it's a win! Also I can't believe I wasn't following you on Pinterest yet!!! Totally missed that!

  6. Thanks for finding out link up and joining! Great job getting back into working out and weighing in.

  7. Yay for 5 months of no Mt. Dew!

  8. Way to go on the workouts! 22 minutes is better than nothing, and is great start!! Try to stay off the pop, and the eating you can get to after you're really into the workouts!! Good job mama!