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Sprinkled With Love

Saturday my sweet friend, Jenny, threw a little bash for me and Mr. Tate.  It was a small party of 5, all of us met through the bank I used to work at.  3 of them still work there, us other two are now SAHM’s.  Jenny went over the top with an amazing brunch.  We had a breakfast casserole (my all time favorite!), little smokies, muffins made by another friend, and fresh fruit.  She had the table set so pretty!


After we stuffed our faces it was time to open presents!  Tate had been awake the entire morning, didn’t even fall asleep on the car ride over to her house, which is so crazy, but when it came time to see what everyone got him he was passed out!  Go figure!  So I had fun opening by myself.  Instead of bringing cards with their gifts there were asked to bring books for Tate, and then they wrote special messages inside the covers of the books!  What a great idea! We love books at our house so this was super perfect for Tate’s ‘Sprinkle’.


My friend, Jackie, who took Tate’s newborn pictures, grabbed my camera and snapped all the pics for me.  Her gift was quite amazing.  She took one of Tate’s pics from his photo shoot and ordered a print of it on metal!  Ok, I’m not describing it very well, but instead of it being printed on canvas or photo paper, it was printed on a thin piece of metal!  It is so amazing! She had his stat’s put on there, too.  It’s quite the keepsake!


The party was so great, so nice of Jenny to do that for us!  I had so much fun sitting and chatting with my friends, they are such neat gals!  And we all agreed none of us seem older than our mid 20’s, ha ha!


While we were partying it up, Aiden, Brennan and Andy were at the boy’s first soccer game of the season!  I hear they both did awesome, Brennan even kicked a goal!  Can’t wait to see them play at their next game this Saturday!

Saturday afternoon we went outside and raked more leaves out of more flower beds.  The blackberry bushes collected a ton of leaves this winter so that was quite the task!  Glad it’s done, though, looks so much nicer!

Sunday we celebrated my mom’s birthday with a lunch at my sister’s house.  I took Sloppy Joe’s, chips and lemon bars (my mom’s favorite dessert).  It was a fun lunch, always a great time when we all get together. 

If you’re looking for a good Sloppy Joe recipe, try this one!

Sloppy Joe’s

2#’s ground beef, browned and drained

1 c. ketchup

2 T. mustard

1 T. sugar

salt and pepper to taste

Mix it all together in a crock pot on low.  Give it a good hour to really warm up, but you can keep it warming most of the day until you’re ready to eat it.  Easy! Delicious!

My sister made roasted veggies, those were really good, too!

Sunday morning it was Brennan’s turn to take treats to religion class.  I thought it’d be fun to make it ‘Easter-y’ so I took some Easter paper cups, punched two holes in them and threaded a pipe cleaner through to make them into baskets. Then we just filled them with puppy chow.  Easy!  The kiddos loved them and the teachers were super impressed that we took the time to do a fun treat.  Win win!


Now I’m left with a bowl of puppy chow in my house and I can’!!!!! 

Tater Bug turns 2 months old this week on Thursday (today he’s 8 weeks old, ahh!).  We have his well child check on Wednesday, I can’t wait to see how much that little chunk weighs! (This is my friend, Bri, talking to Tate.  Love this pic!)


If you aren’t following me on Instagram you need to, I post a ton more pics on there than I do on here, you don’t want to miss out on any of Tate’s cuteness, promise!  Look me up: homemadehappenings. 

I’ve been working on laundry, dishes, cleaning the bathroom and mopping the kitchen floor this morning while Tate’s been napping and playing.  Oh, and typing this up!  Better get moving, see if I can’t get a few more things done around here! 

Have a great week! I’m off to grab some puppy chow!



  1. Such a sweet sprinkle!!! LOVE that metal photo!! What a great keepsake!!

    Those Easter treat cups - Genius!!!!

  2. That metal gift is awesome! And happy early 2 months old to Mr. Tate!!

  3. Aw! How sweet of your friends for doing that for you!
    That recipes sounds amazing!
    I can't believe Tate is 2 months already!!

  4. I am obsessed with puppy chow...we cannot have it in the house otherwise I think I wouldn't fit out the front door!

  5. What a sweet sprinkle! Adley is having a Sip & See on Saturday and I'm so excited!

  6. Awww how sweet!
    I didn't know if that was Tate that your friend is holding. I looked at the picture and thought, if that is Tate, he is LONG and it is him. My goodness he has grown!
    Could I get your recipe for lemon bars? We went to a potluck after church on Sunday and Parker ate 2 lemon bars. The boy is definitely mine. We LOVE lemon!

  7. Erin you look absolutely beautiful! I can't believe Tate is already 2 months old. Wow time flys.

  8. What a great weekend!!! What sweet friends you have! By the way, I love your hair!!! Did you cut it? It looks shorter to me.

  9. FUN little sprinkle!! LOVE that metal plate. What an awesome gift.
    And, you're freaking gorgeous. I'm totally jealous of your hair - b.e.a.u.ti.ful!

  10. 2 months old?! It feels like I just read his one month post!!
    How special of your friends to do the sprinkle! You look so awesome, but, need new jeans!! Lol! Those are getting pretty baggy!! Lol!!
    And that keepsake it really so thoughtful!

  11. Can I just say that you look absolutely gorgeous in these pictures my friends!?!?! Gorgeous.

  12. Hello skinny!!! You look great! How is Tate already two months old? it doesn't seem possible!!!