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Are You A ‘No-reply Blogger’

Over the last month I have been getting comments from new commenters (THANK YOU!).  I ALWAYS reply to every comment I get, unless the commenter is set up as a ‘No-reply Blogger’. I get so giddy when I get a comment on a post, whether from a long time commenter or from a brand new one.  I get in my email, click reply, and twiddle my fingers on the keys thinking of what I’m going to say back to my new (or old) friend!  Then I see it.  They are a ‘no-reply blogger’.  Ahhh!  All of my hopes and dreams of making a new friend are crushed!!! 

Are you a ‘no-reply blogger’?  Do you even know if you are?  It’s super easy to check and see, and why stay set up like that? If you are leaving me a comment you must trust me enough to email you back and not do something crazy with your email account, right? 

Here is a link to directions on how to check and change your status so you are no longer a ‘no-reply blogger’.  I hope you go change how you are set up so I can be friends with you and reply to your comments!

Have a Happy Tuesday!



  1. Drives me CRAZY when I can't email people back!!!

  2. That would be me! Thanks helping a lady out!

  3. Gah - no-reply DRIVES ME!!!!!! I have one that I would love to talk to but she is a no-reply and is a non-blogger. GRRRRRRRR

  4. This is why I took my blogger account off of my Google Plus account. It would change me back to a no-reply every month or so.

  5. Thanks! I finally figured out how to do it. Google+ was throwing me off.