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TV Link Up

One of my BBF’s (blogging best friends) is having her annual Fall TV Primetime Link Up.  I am so all over this!  If you’re into TV program viewing go check out my girl Shelli over at The Beauty and the Baseball Coach and link up!

I have almost completely forgotten about all regular shows on TV.  Our summer has consisted of watching Duck Dynasty, Dateline, Mountain Men (which I loathe), Mad Men on Netflix and a bunch of other ‘reality’ shows.  Summer TV has really stunk this year.  Am I the only one who thinks they don’t show re-runs during the summer anymore?  I didn’t see any re-runs of Nashville, and I really do need a refresher before it starts up next week.

Speaking of ‘Nashville’, that is the one show I am really looking forward to watching this Fall.  I have no idea what happened last season, can’t remember, so I’m hoping they do some back tracking in the first episode. 

The one new show I am excited to see is ‘The Goldbergs’.  It’s a family from the 80’s, looks totally hilarious!  Look at this ‘family picture’, aren’t you laughing already?!?  Bah!!!

And I always love me a good episode of ‘Modern Family’.  That show totally cracks me up! 

I’m excited for the new season to get started!  Happy TV viewing to all!



  1. Love Modern Family!! And I love 80s stuff, so m looking forward to the Goldbergs too!! Yay for fall TV!

  2. I love Nashville!! I might have to check the Goldbergs out too! Thanks for linking up love!!

  3. I love Nashville, too!!! I'm like you I'm going to need a refresher to remember how it ended last season. Can't believe it starts back up next week!

  4. Yes, I CANNOT WAIT for Nashville to start back up. I had most of last season DVR'd because Scott refuses to watch it, and I just finished the season last week. I'm ready for this season to get going.
    And Modern Family is HILARIOUS! A favorite in our house, for sure!