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Fall Favorites

Walking on crisp leaves

Filling my Scentsy warmers with Spicy scents

Wearing boots!

Making pies

Going to the Apple Orchard

Picking Pumpkins







Trick Or Treating

Cooler temperatures

Tailgating (Go Hawks!)

Watching football

Getting out warmer clothes


Leaves changing colors

Oranges, browns and yellows

Craft shows

Colorful Mums

Cuddling under a blanket

Turning the furnace on for the first time

First fire in the fireplace

Hot apple cider

Riding in the combine with my dad


What are you Fall Favorites?



  1. Cool temperatures and warm clothes! I love sweatshirts!! I have missed them all summer!! Not looking forward to winter though. :/

  2. Amen to all of these except the combine. I do not own one of these! Haha.

  3. YES YES YES!!!!! I love your whole list!!

  4. Ahhhh! Me too! Vests, making Halloween costumes, cool nights with bonfires, walking in the woods, Fall Fests, scarves, the Hot Apple Blast at Caribou, and my wedding anniversary!

    BTW, I nominated you for the Sunshine Award on my blog today! :)

  5. Oh I love them all?! What a great list!! It's foggy here and overcast, totally a fall day! I just out French Toast in my scentsy and love it!!

  6. I think it's about time that I confess that I do actually like Fall. I don't like cool or cold weather, but there are so many other Fall things I do like, I guess I can overlook those!

  7. I love the first chill in the air, pumpkin spice anything, apple picking. I agree on the leaves changing and the first fire in the fire place. I like the cool weather but not a huge fan of COLD weather - like below 50ish.

  8. I need Fall in my life like 20 minutes ago. I am so sick of sweating just putting on my makeup. Gross!!!

    Thanks for the sweet text today! It meant a lot! I miss our long email chats. Hopefully things will settle down at work soon!

  9. Fall is my FAVORITE time of year!
    Football and tailgating (Go CYCLONES:)), apples and spices, Mother Nature showing off her splendid colors. Fall is the best.

  10. Love your list!!! I love fall, too. When does it start to cool down for you? It's usually well into October before it starts feeling a little bit cool here in TX.

  11. I LOVE fall!
    Soup and homemade bread for supper on a cool evening, going to the pumpkin patch, the corn field maze at Barn Yard Blooms is always fun and I love sweaters and jeans.