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It’s Thursday… Finally

Good morning! I’m so glad it’s Thursday, this has been a long week.  No, nothing exciting going on today, just means we’re one day closer to the weekend.

Last night Aiden had a flag football game.  I was so surprised at how rude and downright mean the other team was!  I saw one kid show an act of sportsmanship, otherwise the rest of them were pretty much … punks.  It’s so frustrating and disheartening.  We preach good manners, being friendly to all, and showing good sportsmanship on AND off the field.  Aiden was very upset about how mean they were, which only gave us a great teaching opportunity.  We reminded him that in a few years those kids he played against from the next town over are going to be his teammates because our football teams are a combination of our kids and theirs because our school districts are so small.  Those kids are going to be his friends in the end, so continue to treat them with kindness and respect because one day they might end up being great friends.

Please remember to teach your kids what good sportsmanship is.  They are kids, after all, and at this age these games are supposed to be fun, not rough and tough and mean words.

My dear friend, Annie, nominated me for another Sunshine Award.  I’m going to answer her questions now.

1. You're at starbucks what do you order? Do they have muffins??  I don’t drink coffee so have never been to a Starbucks.

2. Do you and your hubby/significant other have celeb "free passes" if so who? No, we don’t have ‘free passes’ although we are free to mention how HOT a celeb is (hello Jon Hamm!)

3. Peanut butter and jelly or honey? If you’re talking toast, I’d have to choose Honey (right now, this will change again in a few months I’m sure).  But if you’re talking making a sandwich, I’ve never had a sandwich with just honey, but I think I might have to try that, sounds yummy.  And side note – my aunt and uncle ‘raise’ honey bees and make honey to sell, and I am saying this with no bias and with all certainty: theirs is the BEST honey I’ve ever had!!!  At their son’s wedding in June the couple gave out tiny little honey bears of honey that said on the front “Meant To Bee”.  So cute!

4. Favorite workout machine at the gym or at home? At home, the treadmill (b/c it’s the only machine I have.) 

5. Favorite place to online shop? I’ve never been a huge online shopper, but recently I’ve ordered from Old  I signed up for and the last few times I’ve ordered online I’ve forgotten to go through there – duh, Erin!!!

6. You have 3 hours of uninterrupted time what do you do? Hmmm, good question. Maybe clean, maybe lay on the couch and watch some TV.

7. If you could do ANYTHING to your hair and you knew it would look good what would you do? Chop it all off! And go blonde.Love this style. Would i be willing to actually style daily...? Straight Bob Hairstyles: Blonde Short Hair | Popular Haircuts

8. If you have to choose between doing your makeup or doing your hair what do you do? Makeup.  Having long hair is handy, I can just pull that ish up in a ponytail and walk out the door. But now that I have pregnancy acne running rampant there is not way I am walking out the door w/o makeup!

9. Day at the spa or day at the beach? Oh wow, that’s a toss up.  It would depend on what is happening in my life at that time. Right now I’m going to say day at the beach.  I’d love a nice, adult, relaxing vacation right now.

10. Do you believe in love at first sight? Sure, why not believe in s/t that wonderful?  I’m a hopeless romantic, after all.


Can you believe how fast September is flying by?  I know at the top I said this week was going slow but this month? This month is flying by! 

Happy Thursday, friends!



  1. Love JH - her hair is fab and so are you...

  2. Starbucks has a delic chocolate chip cookie!! So worth a stop sometime!! Online shopping gets me in big trouble!! LOL

  3. That sucks that they were so mean. GREAT lesson to give him though! He's gonna turn out so amazing as an adult :)...and starbucks has amazing vanilla bean scones :)

  4. I would kill Molly or Brady if they ever acted like that during sports. It really starts with the parents and the coaches. It makes you wonder what they are telling those kids?

    Last week at Molly's soccer there were a couple parents on her team like that and I was embarrassed. These kids are 4 and 5 years old. But, I am the mom who cheers for both teams.

    Let's be honest. How many of those kids are going to end up in the NFL? Probably ZERO... So let the kids have fun...

  5. I'm totally with you when it comes to sportsmanship! I hate to say it but a lot of it is the parents. If they are going to let their child act like that, they are at just as much fault as the child. If my child acted like that I would pull him from the game! I've told my boys that it's okay to lose but it's not okay to be a sore loser and it's nice to win but it's not okay to be boastful. I also tell my kids that they just need to have FUN.
    Oh and I would LOVE to go blonde but would look so washed out :)
    I was thinking of you the other day while I was making an egg salad sandwich on toasted bread. PEARSONS (sp?) Oh, I miss those days of walking over and having lunch and then getting DQ on our break.

  6. Awww, I hate when teams show bad sportsmanship... good for you for finding the lesson and teaching that to him. It's so hard, and I hate it when other coaches encourage or just accept that from their kids.

  7. That's horrible that those kiscere s mean, t such a younycgectoo! How s&d! I hoo they grow up to be better people! Tuesday when I picked Ollie up from school his teacher said the nicest tgnny, she said "he's such a good friend. He plays w h everyone!". That made me feel so proud as A mom right then!

    Oh my goodness, there is something wrong with my keyboard since I've done that ios7 upgrade! Look at my first sentence!!!! I said, it's horrible the kids are so mean at such a young age! I hope they grow up to be better people!! I can't even make that out above! Too funny!!

    Please, don't ever chop your hair! I WISH I could hav long hair! Mine always decides not to grow!! Lol!

  8. I'll come out to Iowa and yell at some kids who are being mean to your kids. In other news, you could totally pull that hair do off and look fab.

  9. Kids can be so cruel. One of my biggest worries with Marcus is that he will face nasty kids. My other biggest fear is that we've done a good enough job as parents, and Marcus is never the mean kid.

    I am completely blown away by the fact you've never been to a Starbucks. WHAT?!!! Yes, they have muffins, and they are delish.
    Like you, I'm all signed up for Ebates but I totally forget to use that when I'm shopping online. Oops. :)

  10. We had an awful year with soccer last year. And it came from the parents mostly. This year our coach is awesome and so are the kids! I am hoping for so much more fun this year!