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Untitled Because I Can’t Think Of One

Hey hey!  Can you believe today is Thursday already?!?  This week has flown by!  Nothing major planned for the weekend but I’m glad it’s almost here!

First thing I need to do today is apologize to all the bloggers I read.  Our internet still isn’t fixed, it sounds like it’s not just us but our area that is having the trouble.  I guess they need to do an upgrade for our area but aren’t planning on doing that anytime soon. So frustrating!  We’re getting close to trying a different carrier.  So anyway, I haven’t been reading blogs and commenting like I normally do, which I feel terrible about.  Please don’t take offense!

Yesterday was one of those days when everything seemed to go wrong.  I was so frustrated!  First it was the internet, then I realized my phone wasn’t working right either.  Then our door knob to the back yard got jammed so I couldn't turn the handle and the latch wouldn’t come out at all.  I took that darn thing apart, sprayed it with some WD-40, poked at it, beat it, did everything I could think of to get it out and finally gave up.  For the rest of the day I used a patio chair to hold the door shut.  Redneck!  We ended up going to the big city last night to get a new knob.  The good part about that was we ate at Wig-n-Pen.  They have the most amazing Bruschetta I’ve ever had!  So Andy and I shared an order of that and also had a Flying Tomato Pizza.  They call it the Flying Tomato because they put slices of tomato on top of the cheese when they bake it so they are ‘flying’ over the cheese.  So so good!

Today, of the boys earn it, we are FINALLY going to the pool!  This will be our first time all summer!  I feel terrible about that, but hopefully we can make up for lost time and start going a couple times a week for the rest of the summer (which is quickly fading away!).

I said yesterday how I felt lazy and all I wanted to do was read and watch soaps.  Well, I heard from quite a few of you (plus a totally random text from a friend yesterday) that you are feeling the same way.  Must be some kind of weird mid-summer slump.  Without a routine or any reason to get going in the morning I’ve gotten lazy.  I guess I’ll enjoy our summer freedom while it lasts and not sweat it too much.

Time to get moving.  Have a great Thursday!



  1. I cannot believe how fast summer is goin! I hope you all have fun at the pool. Wear sunscreen!

  2. Hope your day is better.

  3. Have fun at the pool! I may or may not be a little jealous!

  4. love the chair holding the door shut sounds about how I would fix it! :) I hope your internet gets figured out soon...I HATE when their are internet problems it frustrates me and ruins my life...haha its actually good for me because I can be an addict. I hope you have fun at the pool. Oh I just downloaded a new book its called The Best of Us by Sarah Pekkanen hhavent started it but it looks good!

  5. I hate coming up with titles too!!! Horrible!!
    What a day you aphid yesterday! Boo! At least it ended with a nice dinner!!
    I hope today was better, and that the pool was fun!

  6. Hope you and the boys had a great time at the pool!!
    And holy moly, that pizza sounds AH-MAY-ZING!

  7. Sorry Girlie!! Hope you are doing better! As you can see, vacation kicked my butt in the blog reading. I am a smidge behind. If you get a ton of emails from me in the next couple of days, I promise it isn't because I am stalking you :)