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A Quick One

Hey there!  I finished the second book in the Crossfire Series, Reflected In You, and I wanted to do my review on it quick while it’s fresh in my head.

First, I think the author could have had the same effect and cut out a majority of the book and written one book instead of 3. But that’s just me.  So, the main character ran out on the guy multiple times again, still just as annoying as in the first book.  I kept thinking ‘when are we going to get some answers here!’.  They finally came in the last few chapters of the book.  If I could have skipped most of the book and just read those I would have been just fine.  They made reading the whole book worthwhile.  And because of how she left book #2 I was anxious to begin book #3, which I have (barely) started.  I’ve heard mixed reviews about the third book, I’ll let you know what I think when I finish it.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. I started the first book and couldn't get into it. I think I am going to keep those on the backburner for now.

    Hope you are doing well! Back to work on Monday, and hopefully I will have a chance to email!