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So What And A Book Review

Happy Wednesday, Friends! 

Miss Shannon Dew from Life After I Dew is on vacation this week, so no ‘So What Wednesday’ link up today.  Boo!  But I will still list my So What’s this week because I love this link up so much.

So WHAT if…

~ I have no energy this week and don’t feel like doing anything but reading and watching soaps

~ I haven’t exercised in over a week and I feel like crap about it

~ I was planning on making my berry jelly this week but I don’t think I have any Sure Jel, a key component to making jelly

~ I took going to the pool today away from the boys just now because I am sick and tired of them acting like crazy hooligans around here.  I’m done with it. 


If you follow me on Instagram (homemadehappenings) you saw last night that I finished Sylvia Day’s ‘Bared To You’, the first book in the Crossfire Series.

What did I think of it?  Well, I was getting a little (a LOT) sick of the main damsel in distress, Eva, running out the door literally every time the going got tough between her and the hunk, Gideon.  I seemed like in every chapter she’d get ticked off at him and run.  I seriously got sick of this ‘go to’ tactic the author used.  Aside from that, the story is good but definitely getting drug out too long.  I’m hoping the next 2 books have a little more exciting action and not so much running.  If you like a lot of sex sex sex this is the book for you.

It’s time for me to stop being lazy and get moving.  I have told myself I will NOT read any books or blogs until this house is all picked up.  Doesn’t sound like a fun day, does it?

See you all tomorrow!



  1. It sounds like your in a summer funk...I feel the same way. We are leaving for vaca this Friday and I have so much to so and I'm sitting here...Hope your day gets better!

  2. I hope you start to feelng better and the boys take it easy on you!!

  3. Well I hope the boys cut you some slack soon! I agree with you on Eva running out all the time. That got to be annoying. The next two I think are better HOWEVER, I'm sure you've seen by now there is a 4th book.

  4. Eva was really annoying. I have read all 3 books. It's not my favorite but they aren't terrible reads. I like smut, but I find myself skipping over the sex scenes in this one.

  5. I've read the first 2 and I have the 3rd downloaded on my Kindle, but I just haven't had the motivation to read it yet...

    Lock them boys in their rooms! ;-)


  6. I think we're both going through a mid-summer slump!
    If I could I'd lounge and read all day long. I can barely get the little man and me out of our pjs before 10AM - whoops. :)

  7. It is just so hard not to read all these fabulous blogs! :)

  8. Hmmm, I just downloaded the first book but not sure ill like her always leaving too!!
    I'm sure summer is hard with the boys home ALL day! I hope your week picks up!! And you get to make your jelly!