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Thirsty Thursday Link Up

Hey!!  Is this week flying by or dragging on, I can’t decide!  Either way it’s been a good week, but I’m really looking forward to our weekend, lots going on!

Hopelessly Ever After

Today I am linking up with one of my new favorite bloggers, Brew Mama, for her Thirsty Thursday Link Up.  Now, I am not much of a drinker, but I do have a couple of go-to drinks for those rare times I have a drink (ahem, St Louis). 

Drink #1 – Amaretto Stone Sour.  This is like an Amaretto Sour, but the ‘Stone’ part is adding in Orange Juice.  I don’t like Amaretto Sours but I do like this drink.

Drink #2 – Shirley Temple.  This is a 7-Up with Grenadine added.  And don’t jip me my Grenadine, or I will send it back and ask for more!  Who wants a diluted drink?

Drink #3 – My old stand by: MT DEW!!!  Ha ha, how could I do a drink link up without mentioning my favorite drink of all?!? 

I am going to tell you something that is a little nuts but I just have to share anyway (because you already think I’m bonkers since my dinosaur revelation was shared!).  I like to spend time in cemeteries.  For instance, when I worked at the bank in a small town I used to eat my lunch in the cemetery there.  The one park in town didn’t have any shade trees to park under, plus there were always people walking through there.  One day I thought I’d go check out the cemetery, found shade trees to park under and it was QUIET, no one to bother me!  So I started going there to eat my lunch! 

This week, after Andy and I met for lunch, we hopped in the car for a quick drive around town, something we do often.  All of a sudden I see an entrance to an old cemetery that is planted way back in a field.  Of course I decided to drive back there!  It was so perfect and quaint!  If it wasn’t for that other car that came back there we’d have sat there and enjoyed the beautiful weather for a little while. 

And last night we went for a walk, right to the cemetery here in town.  It’s so peaceful back there!  There’s a cattle pasture right next to it, so it smells good and it’s fun to watch the cows.  I also love looking at the different headstones, the rich farmers spend their money on nice stones for their loved ones, with family pictures carved into them, or pictures of their farms.  They are really neat!

So, as you can see, I do not enjoy cemeteries in a morbid, mean way.  I enjoy them with appreciation for their beauty and peacefulness.

See you back here tomorrow!  I have a special post planned so stop back by and check it out!



  1. My boyfriend and like amaretto sours, so we will have to try adding in orange juice :)

  2. Hey, same here! I love looking at old cemeteries and seeing how far back the headstones go. It's so calming!

    When I was younger, my Nana started us cousins on a tradition of cleaning the family headstones (Grandpa's and my uncle Randy's) every Memorial Day. After she died, we continued the tradition with my Dad. When he passed away, everyone got involved and now we go to my grandparent's/uncle's cemetery as well as my dad's. We clean the headstones, place new bouquets, and we always bring an extra bouquet--just a little one--to place on a neglected baby grave. The baby grave thing was also something my Nana started.

  3. Thanks for linking up. I love diet Mountain Dew!

  4. I used to do the same thing at my great grandmother's house. She had a cemetery 20 steps from her front door. As a teenager, I loved going there for quiet time! It is peaceful! I also enjoyed seeing the names and dates. It always felt enlightening

  5. Old cemeteries are the best! I love looking at the old stones. One of my favorite projects in high school was stone rubbing (wax paper over the stone, and use a crayon over the wax to get an impression of the stone). So much fun. And, perhaps a little creepy. ;)
    I love that you love the smell of the cow pasture. I'm seriously counting the days until I can get home to that smell!!!

  6. I have an obsession with cemeteries too. When Todd & I were in LA (long time ago), we went to the cemetery where all the hollywood starts were buried. I wanted to search for tombstones, but the stupid map was like $25 or something crazy. So, I passed. The other thing I love are history museums. I could spend all day in a museum. Drives Todd crazy!!!

  7. Thanks so much for linking up with me today!!! I have to admit that I have never had a REAL Shirley Temple. Only the kind without Grenadine. I'll definitely have to try it!!


  8. Mmmm, I love amaretto sours, now I'll have to try it with orange juice!
    Cemeteries intruige me. I've never just went to sit in one, but I do love the history that's in them!