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Random Thursday

Happy Thursday!  T minus 1 day until I head out for St Louis and the hair show!!!  So SO excited!  I always have an amazingly fun time down there, can’t wait!  Hopefully I’ll be able to snap some pics of some of the crazy hair and styles we see down there!  The show is the perfect people watching place, I’m in heaven when I go down there!  Plus there’s loud, booming music, fun runway shows, awesome deals on product and fun fun FUN with my friends!  Gah, I’m dying, I can’t wait to get down there!!!  We leave from ‘Wash’ about 9:00 tomorrow morning, not soon enough!!!

Some random thoughts for your Thursday:

    • It snowed in Iowa last night, luckily not here, but it still sucks and I can’t figure out what ticked Mother Nature off so bad.  Oh yea, “global warming”. It was near 80 here yesterday afternoon, then about 6:30 last night we could feel the temp start to drop RAPIDLY.  10 degrees in the first hour, brrr!  Today it’s gray, cold and damp. Boo! 
    • Speaking of weather, St Louis isn’t going to be much better than what we have here, which means I’ve had to rethink all of my outfits and the clothes I bought just for the trip aren’t going to be worn.  Again, boo!
    • I hate the word ‘mole’, it sounds so disgusting.  I prefer ‘freckle’.  And I have a ‘freckle’ on my nose I need to have removed.  As a kid it was cute, now it’s grown (ew!) and is puffed up and once in a while I can see it if I’m looking across my nose.  Hope I don’t have a nasty scar!
    • I’m obsessed with avocados!  I’ve been eating them on burgers, chicken sandwiches and in my Quinoa Salad.  I decided to input my food from yesterday into MFP and found out that there are a LOT of calories in an avocado!!!  I’m so ticked off!  I thought it was healthy, now I find out it’s sabotaging my calorie counting!  I thought I was doing something healthy!  Say it with me, “BOOOOO!!!!”
    • The Joni Arias trial is the loooooonnnnggggest trial EVER!  Seriously, how damn long does it take?  She’s a liar, she’s admitted she did it, so why are they wasting all of those jurors time?  GUILTY!
    • Stilettos are OUT, mid-heels are IN!
    • Have you heard about the Brenda Heist story? This woman disappeared years ago, her husband was accused of murder, tho never charged, and a death certificate was issued for her.  Well, she’s sick, poor and I guess tired of being homeless, so she came forward this week.  Say what?!?  You can read the story here. I just can’t imagine what her kids and ex-husband are now going through, let alone what they went through after she disappeared.  Selfish.  And holy moly, did her looks change!
    • It’s 9:15 and I’m already hungry.  Guess my breakfast didn’t stick with me, did it?
    • Do any of you runners get sore ribs, almost feels like a side ache, when you run?  Last night I had 2 ten minute runs (W6D2) and my sides ached so bad towards the end, but it wasn’t really a side ache from eating too close to being active, it was more like my ribs.  So I wonder if its from the pounding up and down on the treadmill that’s causing it.  Please tell me someone out there knows what I’m talking about!  And know how to fix it.

Just a reminder, I won’t be posting tomorrow or Monday, but I’ll be back Tuesday with a recap of my awesome weekend!  Woot woot!! 

Have a great weekend!



  1. I LOVE avocados too but I'm semi-allergic to them so I try to stay away from 'em. Yes they have a lot of calories but they are good fat or something along those lines. Have a GREAT trip this weekend! :)

  2. I can't wait to see you and yes I get aches from lack of water - if I hydrate well the aches don't come. Not sure that is it - but that is usually what it is for me.

  3. I'm gonna miss you! Have a safe trip! Text me! I want some crazy dance pictures!

  4. Still bumbed I don't get to meet you this weekend, but hope you have a blast in the Lou!! Sorry about the crappy weather, it's been beautiful all week and now we get a crappy weekend - now you say it with ME - BOOOO!!! =)

  5. I love me some avocados too ;) just wish I lived somewhere that they weren't so expensive so I could use them more.

    Erica Dee

  6. Avacdos are good calls and fats!! Keep eating them. Just maybe not more than one in a day! Natures butter!!!

  7. Lord help me if I am still stuck in this hospital on Saturday. I might cut a b just to get my baby home! I had a mole on my nose forever, and finally got it removed last year. I have no scare, but I need to go back to have it touched up. I will show you on Saturday. Can't wait!!!

  8. Where in Iowa do you live?? I am new to your page obviously, so you're into doing hair?? When i am more active my ribs can get sore... Wonder if i dont hydrate enough?!?! Hmmmm...

  9. I'm glad you didn't get snow!! That would be horrible this time of year!!
    The best thing about avocados is that it is a good fat, just think of it that way!
    I'm on my way to read the story on that girl!! Sound terrible for her family!
    You'll ha e an awesome weekend, wish I was there!! Learn lots of hair tips to teach me!!

  10. Did I miss something out here on the west coast? I'm not sure I've heard about this Joni Arias trial...
    Have an awesome time this weekend. Sounds like it's going to be a blast!
    Now, I'm off to read about the crazy women who bailed on her family. WTH?!!