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They Say It’s Your Birthday (Party)

Happy Tuesday!  It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood, sunny and going to hit 90 degrees today!  Holy smokes!  Because of the beautiful weather Brennan’s class is having a ‘pool party’ for their last day of preschool this year.  He was so darn excited, he got to wear swim trunks to school today!


I am linking up with some fun, crazy, amazing ladies today for their birthday link up. 


I hate saying one birthday story is my favorite because I love all of my birthday’s (just not the getting older part).  BUT!  One that sticks out in my mind is my 7th grade/13th birthday party.  I had a HUGE crush on a boy name Steve.  Cute cute cute, he was!  My mom rented the pool at the Y for me to have a big party with a bunch of my friends.  We swam and had a great time. Then it was time to open presents.  My one friend, also named Erin, got me a carpet square rug.  Now that in itself is NOT a good gift for a 13 yr. old!  BUT, she told me that Steve was at her house because her parents were friends with his, and he stepped on this rug!!!  I freaked out!  I had that rug in my room until I was 15!  Ha ha!  Dumb story!  Dumb thing to get excited about!  But for a newly minted, hormone raging teenager I thought I’d died and gone to heaven!  No pics of that birthday to share, I can’t find them. Buried in some box I have yet to unpack since we moved almost 2 years ago.  I think I need to get on that!

Instead, I will share these two pictures.


I was OBSESSED with My Little Ponies when I was 3 and 4, so my grandma (our family cake maker) made me a cake with a MLP on it!


This was my 6th birthday.  My aunt gave me a tent for my Cabbage Patch doll!  I loved that tent, I played with and in it all the time!  And yes, that’s my CP doll in there.  Her birth certificate name is Joyce, after my grandma (suck up!), but I don’t think I ever called her that.

Two weeks from today is Aiden’s last day of school. I need to get my ducks in a row and get some things planned for us.  Aiden has a busy June with a few camps he’s attending and swim lessons.  After that, it’s 2 months of free time, eek!

Welp, it’s way too beautiful of a day to be sitting in the house.  I’m heading out to weed some flower beds and soak up the sun!  Talk soon!



  1. Bahahahaha... that is so funny!! Why are teenage girls so flippin' crazy!! I was the same way! If we only knew then what we know now .. that was a great story! .. have a good day outside, it's supposed to be 90 here today too! Skipping Spring around these parts =)

  2. that is one awesome story to read! :)
    AHH 90 degrees? Lucky. We had a chilly weekend :( today is little warmer finally. enjoy the weather outside today :)

  3. Oh my word Erin!!! A rug!?!? That is HILARIOUS! I love you!

  4. where is that rug now? Funny story!! I am so jealous of your CPK tent! That is probably the coolest thing ever!

    Molly's last day of preschool is Thursday and Todd's last day of school is next Friday. I don't know if I am excited or dreading it!!

  5. You're hilarious!! I'm voting all my kids stay in school all summer! lol

  6. Don't worry - I saved my middle school crush's Reese's wrapper that he threw (littered!) on the ground at recess.. LOL.

  7. Now I want to know what happened to Cute Steve (is he still cute??).

    For our fifth birthday party, my sister and I invited a little boy named William. We both had huge crushes on him because he had looong eye lashes. My parents took video of the party and watching it years later, I couldn't believe how obnoxious William was! He was following my mom around, trying to tell her about the doilies his grandma made and you could tell my Mom was working hard not to tell him to scram! LOL!

    Enjoy the beautiful weather!

  8. I loved MLP!!! And I think I had a cake for my 5th birthday with ponies all over it!! How can you remember your cabbage patch kids name? I forget mine, but loved loved loved her!! Lol! Good old 80s toys!

  9. The rug literally had me laughing out loud!! :)